For many people, life is always in overdrive, running from task to task, trying to balance their home and work responsibilities and never really taking time for themselves. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe you’re starting to feel more anxious, run down or irritable.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. There are steps (big and small) that you can take daily to initiate change. Finding a way to prioritize your mental wellness and feel grounded every day is a great step in the right direction.

How can we get started?

Let’s talk about being grounded. Being grounded means fully living in your body, being able to process the present moment and respond in a balanced way. It means taking time for yourself to make sure that your mental and physical health are in tune with each other. Just like anything else, it’s a practice. Some days you feel all Zen and grounded, like you can handle anything, and others you can’t seem to keep up. That’s ok! Creating a plan and knowing what keeps you in your flow is half the battle.

Here are 5 suggestions to help keep you grounded:

  1. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! I know, you want to be able to do it all. But let’s be honest, there are some tasks that just suck your soul. It’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to delegate, you have a lot on your plate! Focus on what you do best. Articulate to your partner and family members what it is you need from them.  They can’t help with what they don’t know. After all, not everybody is a mind reader ????Why is this important? When we start to delegate out tasks that are not our strong suit, it frees up more energy and brain space for you to be the Rockstar that you are!
  2. Morning routine – This is something I have been focused on personally. I have been setting my alarm just a tiny bit earlier and getting out of bed to do a 5 minute mediation. Just 5 minutes! And I feel so much better throughout the rest of my day. I want you to experience this as well! Why is this important?  Having a calming and grounding morning routine undoubtedly sets the tone for the day. Life will still be busy and unexpected events will always occur, but your ability to handle them and keep your stress hormones in check will be more efficient if you start your day on a positive note.
  3. Don’t check your social media right before bed. Set some limits, just like you would with your kids. The end of the day is when we should be engaging in relaxing activities, letting the stress hormones of the day dissipate so we can get a restful sleep.Why is this important? Research shows that the light from our screens actually cause our bodies to release cortisol, our stress hormone, making us more stimulated than relaxed. Further to that, content is emotionally engaging and you often tend to get caught up in the content, delaying your bedtime.
  4. Exercise – I feel like a broken record with this one, but I can’t stress the health benefits enough. It truly does make you feel better! Why is this important? Exercise helps our bodies release feel good chemicals which help to keep our stress response in balance. It overall increases our mood, confidence and resistance to anxiety. All of this equals an unshakable you!
  5. Spend some time in nature everyday, in every weather. I know my Canadian friends might laugh at this but hey, even playing in a snow bank (while properly dressed in a full body snow suit) can be grounding ????Why is this important? Studies are telling us that getting your daily dose of mother nature has an uplifting effect on mood, and memory and can help ease feelings of anxiety.

So there you have it my friends! 5 tips, 5 ways to keep you more balanced. Spend some time thinking about which of these you can implement in your life. Leave me a comment below and let me know how positively grounded you feel!

Meet Dr. Lisa Knapper, Naturopathic Doctor

When I’m asked about how I found Naturopathic Medicine, my answer is “It found me!” I had no idea that such a wonderful system of medicine existed until sometime during my undergrad studies at the University of Regina. The topic came up in my psychology class and I immediately had to know more. I went home that very day and started my quest to find out what Naturopathic Medicine was all about, and how to practice it. My research lead me to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I knew this was the place for me. It was an instant “ah-ha!” moment. After I finished my pre-med studies, I packed up my whole life into two suitcases and hopped on a flight to Toronto. I haven’t looked back!

Over several years of practice, I have shifted my focus to helping people beat stress and anxiety, correcting digestive disturbances, regulating period and hormonal issues, and helping women stay healthy and strong during pregnancy and labour. No matter what your concern is, I will always take the time and get to know you and your story, working to provide the best solutions for your health and wellness concerns. Besides being obsessed with Naturopathic Medicine, I am a mamma to an energetic daughter who keeps me on my toes. I love forests and music festivals equally. I get my workouts in (almost) every morning, and I love cooking meals for my family and friends.