Opening The Poppy Clinic was an organic move. After spending more than a decade listening to my body and my intuition, and practicing Naturopathic Medicine, I was called to create something bigger—a culture of happiness and abundance. The Poppy Clinic is a tribe for women who care about their health and want to support each other and their families in the quest for abundance and happiness.

Now, as an extract of the poppy seed, you might be thinking about opiates. I promise you there are no opiates at The Poppy Clinic.

A woman strongly guided by intuition can separate Poppy seed from the soil.


We stand for what the poppy represents—vibrant beauty, vivid form, and wild vigor.

We believe that by first listening to your body, you can start connecting and figuring out what it needs and how you can support it.

The Poppy Clinic is a safe place to feel loved and valuable. You’re part of a special community made up of extraordinary women who are choosing to make themselves a priority, choosing vulnerability and collaboration over competition.

It takes a takes a village to raise a healthy, thriving family. Having the support of a passionate community will help you stand strong, throughout every challenge life throws your way.


It’s time to find your poppy seed in the soil.





A tribe for women

I believe that having a health partner, who stands shoulder-to-shoulder as an advocate with you, will create true health, and a feeling of abundance that spreads like wildfire.

At The Poppy Clinic, we believe in living with purpose and authenticity. Some might call us rebels. We’re okay with that. When we live life authentically, we’re handing out permission slips for others to do the same.


Welcome to the wild side.


If you’re ready, or just curious to see what this natural, integrative approach is all about, here are some things you can do next: