**Big Announcement** New Naturopathic Clinic + IV Lounge + Community Space

Dr. Michelle Peris

Happy Spring!

I hope this letter finds you well!

This note is being sent to you to share my exciting news.I would like to announce that I will be opening my own naturopathic clinic. I have been at OMWC for seven and a half years and I am tremendously grateful for my time there. I have been able to build a wonderful practice along side many practitioners whom I admire immensely. And as grateful as I am, the opportunity to grow the community and have many options for people to engage with naturopathic health care is exciting. A brief insight on the new space, it is a naturopathic clinic + IV lounge + community space. So not only will you be able to continue one-on-one health visits with myself there will also be a number of community talks and group services available to empower you on all aspects of health. My purpose is to educate the masses about easy accessible ways to live your best life now and that is exactly what we are going to do together in this new space.

It is important to note that I am not selling my practice, so therefore I remain the legal custodian of your medical file. Your medical records will be coming with me to the new space. Should you want to continue your naturopathic services with the new ND at OMWC please sign a release of records and I will happily transfer your file to them when the time comes. Otherwise, you will be receiving further and continued information (via newsletter) from me regarding all other details needed for booking appointments, billing and etc.

If you have an appointment scheduled with me June 15th and beyond, your appointment will be automatically added to the new online schedule, unless otherwise specified.  You will be contacted to ensure you are fully informed of all changes occurring. 

As of June 15th, 2017, my practice will reside;

Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturopathic Doctor and Associates

481 North Service Road West, unit A4

Oakville, Ontario

(in the same complex as SupperWorks and Oakville Parent Child Centre)

Phone number: 289-815-1322

Fax number: 289-715-2141

Email: admin@MyOakvilleND.ca

Website: www.MyOakvilleND.ca

Online booking available on the website

On June 15th, 2017, all services will be seamlessly transferred to the new clinic. Please do not hesitate to call during this transition. We are accepting appointments as usual.

I am so excited, can you feel it?