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When we are confronted with the possibility of being exposed to these sorts of health threats, this is when naturopathic medicine can truly serve us to help prevent contraction of the virus and further support our bodies as they fight it during the acute phase. Since there is no current treatment for coronavirus, the best chance of prevention and treatment of the virus can be attained through supporting and strengthening the immune system and then ALLOWING those immune functions to operate with minimal suppression.
In support of these efforts to keep our Tribe healthy and thriving, we are offering NEW 20-minute-immune naturopathic consultation services with Dr. Afrousheh Amini. In these consults, you will receive education about the current state of 2019-cNoV, preventative immune-boosting strategies and educational handouts.
Additionally, we have been working with a local herbalist and will be ordering custom-created supplements, tinctures, and other natural remedies for our community to boost their immune functionspecifically anti-viral protection. Amazing!
If you are interested in these NEW services and NEW supplements offered, please reach out to us! We are here for YOU and together, we can prioritize our health and immunity so that our bodies can be at their strongest, come what may.

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You can call or email the clinic as well, either respond to this email and let us know you would like us to book you an appointment with Dr. Amini or call 289-815-1322

DISCLAIMER** If you develop a new cough, difficulty breathing or fever, especially after recent travel should quarantine themselves and monitor symptoms and contact either your primary health care provider, Telehelath Ontario or your local public health unit.  

Our immune support visits are intended to provide you with information on best practices to support and boost natural immune function.  You must still quarantine yourself to prevent the spread of infection and contact your primary health care provider should you develop new symptoms listed above.

Please do not use the information in these visits in place of proper assessment and investigation with your primary care provider or public health unit.

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