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Dr. Michelle Peris


It’s a toxic world out there…

Every day, you’re exposed to thousands of unsafe chemicals in your home, in water and food you consume, and in your environment.

And this doesn’t even include other threats such as dangerous molds or electromagnetic fields.

These substances can damage or poison your organs — particularly your all-important brain.

Dealing with threats to the brain is why my friend and colleague Dr. Mark Hyman created his original Broken Brain documentary series, which got a major “thumbs up” from viewers.

However, Dr. Hyman realized that the topics he and other experts covered in that series represented only a small fraction of all the new and exciting breakthroughs happening around the globe.

So he decided to take the next step by creating the all-new 8-episode documentary series Broken Brain 2. (You can view it FREE as my VIP guest.)

And I’m honored to be one of the 70+ experts Dr. Hyman gathered together to share our cutting-edge strategies to help you heal your own mind, brain, and body.

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When you tune in for Broken Brain 2, you’ll discover:

  • Unique ways to protect your brain from the multitude of toxins in your home…


  • The odd way in which your heart rhythm can shape your brain function…


  • Easy methods to heal yourself from destructive beliefs and traumas that impact your mind and body…


  • How to use your personal genetics to improve your brain and overall health…


  • The little-known link between your brain health and your eyes, teeth, and gums…


  • A simple morning routine for more success and a better brain…


  • And much, much more…

>> Reserve your FREE VIP SPOT to see the documentary series Broken Brain 2

This series is an opportunity to protect yourself, your family, and your future. Information you gain may even save your life — or the life of a loved one.

This was truly a “labor of love” for me and all the other participants, so I hope you’ll come out to support us. You’ll also hear inspiring stories from recovering patients.

After all, we’re all in this together…

Michelle Peris


P.S. Here are the 8 episodes and when they will air. You can watch one — or ALL of them FREE of charge (simply click here to save your spot right now, while space is still available):

April 3: Dr. Hyman’s Story: The Power of the Body-Mind Connection

April 4: Protecting Your Brain from a Toxic World

April 5: Rising Above and Healing from Toxic Beliefs and Trauma

April 6: The Secrets Behind the Heart-Brain Connection

April 7: Cooling the Fire Within: The Immune-Brain Connection

April 8: How to Personalize Your Diet and Understand Your Genetics

April 9: Optimizing Your Brain Health and Innovative Therapies

April 10: The Step-by-Step Brain Reset


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