EPISODE 008: Recycled Parts. The Real Story Behind Organ Donation with Amy Montgomery

Dr. Michelle Peris

Amy Montgomery was born with a rare liver condition that gradually got worse with the years. Going through many surgeries during her childhood and youth, Amy’s health, at the age of 33, reached the point where organ donation was her only option. Amy is humbly sharing her experience of the entire process, from getting to be on the waiting list for an organ, getting the call, going through the transplant to a long and painful recovery process.

Listen to this episode, get educated about organ donation in detail and be inspired by a real, authentic woman that found her strength in positivity and resilience, accepting the cards that life had dealt her and honoring life itself in every step of her way.

Key Takeaways:

[2:27] Amy introduces herself and opens up about the pediatric liver disease that she was born with.

[3:46] Living with a chronic disease.

[5:28] Having a liver transplant.

[8:04] Action steps to be on a transplant list.

[9:03] You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.

[11:04] Making sure your entire health can take the transplant.

[14:08] Receiving the call saying that there was a liver for Amy.

[17:33] A joyous message that overwhelmed the whole family.

[18:33] Having a transplant surgery and its complications.

[21:12] The recovery process after the transplant.

[22:40] Family and friend support.

[24:03] Anti rejection meds for the body not to reject a new organ.

[26:02] The simple process of becoming an organ donor.

[27:30] The family always makes the final call if the organs of the deceased person will be donated.

[29:23] Raising money.

[32:10] Your mindset is everything when you realize you are not in control.

[35:07] Rapid fire questions!

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Doctors only place you on a transplant list when they consider you are so sick that the risks after transplant are worth it.” #therebelpodcast #transplant

“You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.” #therebelpodcast #transplant #sideeffects

Beside signing up for donation, you need to tell your family that you want to be an organ donor, since ultimately the family is the one that makes that call.” #therebelpodcast #organdonor

“Liver diseases are mostly a result of the food we are eating.” #therebelpodcast #liversisease #food

“The cards that you are dealt in life are literally not in your control.” #therebelpodcast  #nocontrol