This is the first solo episode! The purpose is for you to learn more about Michelle since sharing stories make us feel we are not alone in this journey. Here is Michelle’s inspiring story, one that shows how anything is possible when taking on struggles as opportunities. Resiliency and ownership took her on a long path to the creation of The Rebel Tribe were sisterhood and self care blossomed, giving women the chance to connect with other women while reaching their true selves and trusting who they are.

Key Takeaways:

[3:01] Introduction on this solo episode.

[3:38] Gratitude for tough times.

[4:33] Growing as a rebel.

[6:50] Feeling of not belonging.

[9:15] Doubting and feeling uncomfortable is the 20 year old experience.

[10:30] You are not alone.

[11:49] Starting a University for dance.

[13:07] Feeling like a failure.

[14:27] Overcoming adversity.

[15:30] Divine intervention.

[16:38] Starting to be a high achiever.

[18:15] Go hard or go home!

[19:50] Learning from others.

[20:50] Seeing a herbalist for the first time.

[23:30] Becoming interested in naturopathic medicine.

[26:45] Developing real connections.

[27:42] Working with mothers and children.

[28:08] Opening her own clinic.

[29:39] The benefits of community health.

[31:01] Moana as a transformative experience.

[34:38] You know who you are.

[35:45] Creating The Rebel Tribe.

[38:09] Finding purpose.

[40:45] How to cultivate community.

[45:15] Rapid fire questions!

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You know who you are.” #therebelpodcast #knowyourvalue