Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, entrepreneur and mother. Meghan is the CEO and Co-founder of Bright Almond, and Principal with Summerhill Wellness Group. In addition, she maintains a private practice in Toronto’s downtown core, working to support the health and vibrancy of some of Canada’s most successful business leaders. As an ND, Meghan is immensely passionate about working with people to help them better understand their health, and its role in providing an empowered and superior quality of life.

Dr. Meghan Walker shares her life journey in this episode, and encourages other women to put their ideas out in the world without waiting for the courage to show up, defeating self limiting beliefs and honoring their true potential. This powerful talk propels women to put themselves first, to step out of their comfort zones and to dare living their wildest dreams.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] The value of mentorship.

[3:48] Dr. Meghan Walker talks about her journey.

[8:36] How does Dr. Walker help women to give themselves permission to do what they want?

[9:28] Craft a solution to the problem you see in the world.

[11:30] The four Cs in confidence.

[11:52] Make a Commitment.

[12:17] Have the Courage to take action.

[12:46] With Competence you earn the right to access Confidence.

[14:55] Lots of women set self limiting beliefs that prevent their goals to be achieved.

[16:25] Stepping out of the comfort zone.

[17:10] Get used to the nervousness that  facing challenges create.

[21:40] Take responsibility of your own potential.

[23:17] Women tend to put everyone first.

[24:33] Setting healthy boundaries.

[28:11] You want to have enough energy for those who matter most.

[29:23] Give people reasons.

[31:40] Three action steps to put boundaries over time.

[32:35] Systems and scheduling is the gateway to freedom.

[33:30] Label your time.

[34:22] Inventory the tasks you do on weekly basis.

[36:45] Failure is a good word!

[39:04] Measure the consequences of failure.

[40:04] Failure is the best feedback.

[40::45] What makes Dr. Meghan Walker rebellious?

[41:45] Rapid fire questions.

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“Confidence is something that is earned.” #therebelpodcast #confidence #takeaction   

“Lots of women set self limiting beliefs that prevent their goals from being achieved.” #therebelpodcast #women #selflimitingbeliefs

“When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, truly magical things happen.” #therebelpodcast #comfortzone #dare

“Take responsibility of your own potential.” #therebelpodcast #ownit #truepotential

“You can’t be authentically generous when you have poor boundaries.” #therebelpodcast #healthybounderies

“Systems and scheduling are the gateway to freedom.” #therebelpodcast #system #freedom

“Failure is the best feedback.” #therebelpodcast #failure #learning