Dr. O’Brien is one of Northern Ontario’s leading naturopathic doctors. Her practice is family-oriented, with a focus on women’s health, hormonal balancing, fertility challenges, digestive complaints, weight loss, anti-aging and chronic illness. She practices evidence-based primary care medicine and believes in an integrative approach that uses multiple modalities to achieve optimal results. Tara has a great passion for empowering others to improve their own health – and thereby their quality of life – through naturopathic and functional medicine.

But in this particular episode, Dr. Tara is honoring International Women’s day. Dr. Tara shares her personal journey as a rebellious girl, supported by a family which encouraged her unique personality. Dr. Tara dives deep into the importance of the words women use to describe themselves and the impact they have over their identities and self esteem, also bringing awareness to how labels put on little girls have a life long effect on them.

Listen to this episode for profound inspiration on becoming an advocate for your own feminine power, health and bodies. Dare to challenge your self limiting beliefs and raise your voice, because as Dr. Tara says “to make peace, you have to raise a little hell”.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Dr. Tara O’Brien’s life journey.

[5:25] Being a girl who dares to challenge the status quo.

[7:30] Brave ancestors.

[11:33] A mother’s support.

[16:35] The language we choose to label girls sticks with them all their life.

[21:40] Hear the words you are using to describe yourself.

[25:27] The importance of the International Women’s Day

[28:48] Sometimes to make peace, you have to raise a little hell.

[31:20] Reality for women around the world.

[34:35] Helping women to be advocates for their health and bodies.

[40:02] You are your own boss.

[45:43] Never shut up until you get satisfaction.

[46:10] How sexist the term Hysterectomy is.

[46:45] Women are told they are crazy.

[49:40] Fear of someone breaking our little girls’ spirit.

[50:51] Women need other women in their life who will always remind them who they truly are.

[52:01] Not everyone deserves to know your story.

[59:30] It is pain that stretches us and builds resilience.

[1:02:32] Choosing the road less travelled is not easy.

[1:02:54] Choices that propelled Dr. Tara.

[1:07:58] Rapid fire questions.

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“You can be who you are, and not let other people’s perspectives define your energy.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #beyou #nojudgement #nolabels #authenticity

“The first 7 years of our lives are the most integral in determining how we are going to see the world.” #therebelpodcast #womensday  #girls #childhood #selfperception

“Hear the words you are using to describe yourself.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #selftalk #labels #selesteem

“Sometimes to make peace, you have to raise a little hell.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #makepeace #raisehell #speak

“Marital rape is still legal in 112 countries.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #maritalrape #womensrights

“There is no law about domestic violence in 50 countries in the world.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #domesticviolence #womensrights

“Never shut up until you get satisfaction.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #speakup

“Not everyone deserves to know your story.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #care #openningup

“It is pain that stretches us, and gives us resilience.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #resilience #pain