EPISODE 042: Getting Ready for Kindergarten: 6 Top Tips for Parents with Kim Marshall

Kim Marshall is a mom of kindergarteners and is the creator of the online group Starting School with Roots and Wings, her online community has grown immensely in the last 2 years, accompanying families in this huge transition period when the intention is to prepare their children for kindergarten. Kim delivers awesome online resources, courses, teaching in person and online.

If you have children that will be going to kindergarten soon or you know anyone that would benefit from information, this is the right episode for you; Kim shares her top 6 tips to prepare families for kindergarten as well as tons of valuable content.

Key Takeaways:

[6:05] Kim Marshall shares her story.

[9:25] Kim’s facebook group and her approach to education.

[12:19] Top 6 tips to prepare families for kindergarten.

[15:26] Tip #1: You know your child as a child, not as a learner: trust the teacher.

[17:07] Learning resilience and grit when you are young.

[17:37] Tip #2: Use the circle of control.

[20:14] Make sure basic needs are met.

[21:19] Helping our most emotional kids during the transition.

[24:00] The most difficult times for kindergarteners during the school year.

[26:03] Tip #3: Make the unfamiliar more familiar.

[29:14] Parents are nervous about sending their kids to school because they don’t understand it.

[30:05] Tip #4: It takes a village.

[31:24] Get help when things don’t feel well.

[35:40] Have positive conversations with teachers at the beginning of each year.

[36:35] Tip #5: Encourage independence.

[38:38] Teach your children to listen to their bodies.

[42:03] Give your child space to persevere.

[43:25] Tip #6: Unschedule.

[44:46] It is easier to put things back on the calendar than take them away.

[46:15] The issue regarding the extra-curricular activities.

[49:44] Kim Marshall talks about her journey.

[53:52] If it is on you, you have to share it!

[55:26] Rapid fire questions.

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“The best way to help children is empowering the parents with the right information.” #therebelpodcast #children #parenthood #information #empowerement

“Trust the school and the teacher, there is a system in place.” #therebelpodcast #trust #school #teacher #parents

“Our energy is connected, as a parent your energy influences your child.” #therebelpodcast #energy #influence

“You know your child as a child, not as a learner.” #therebelpodcast #children #learner

“Prepare your child for the path that is ahead.” #therebelpodcast #children #parenting

“Be challenged when you are safe cultivates an independent and confident adult.” #therebelpodcast #challenges #children #confidence #independence

“Children thrive on consistent routines and predictability.” #therebelpodcast #predictability #routines #children

“Part of the anxiety toward school is that parents don’t really understand it.” #therebelpodcast #school #arenthood

“Have positive conversations with your teachers at the beginning of each year, it will pay off when the time comes to have more difficult talks.” #therebelpodcast #teachers #parents #communication

“Unschedule, say “Yes” to say “No” for a while” #therebelpodcast #unschedule #doless #children #parenthood

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