So it is the middle of April and I have a confession, I haven’t been perfect on my assignment to living a better a life by not being completely compliant on my daily tasks.  Probably expected by most when I posted such an ambitious list.  But I have done most of them on a daily basis, so it has been interesting to see what I have been able to incorporate into my daily living and what has remained challenging.

I am writing this for a few reasons, one because I made a promise in the beginning to be an authentic person and part of that is admitting that I am not perfect. However, I do try very hard most days to make the best of each day and commit to making slow progressive changes to get myself to where I want to be in life, happy!

So here are the tasks that I have been able to do daily:

  • 10 deep breaths: Although sometimes I plan my day instead of just getting grounded and into my body.  So I admit I still need to work on my wandering mind and ensure that this is a relaxing part of my day.
  • Prayer: This is something I have really enjoyed, it has helped put things in perspective since I use most of this time to express gratitude for all my blessings in life.
  • Grow my appreciation garden: I have been mindful most days to express appreciation and gratitude to my boyfriend.  Not only does it make him feel good, but it helps me remember all the wonderful things about him.  Being negative towards others is no way to live as it ultimately only affects you.  So start expressing your gratitude towards others, its amazing how to start to see life in a very different light.
  • Only 1-2 hours of television per day: This has been a challenge at times since I grew up in a home that always had the television going, so its always been a comforting sound for me; even if I am not really watching it.  Learning to be comfortable with the house being quiet has been an adjustment and I do enjoy having music playing.  But as the months have passed by this has become progressively easier and I am now enjoying the silence more and barely finding time to watch TV.  This has been quite the transformation for me.
  • Listen to motivational speakers in the car: I have enjoyed this very much! I look forward to this part of my day, it sets the tone for me in the morning and helps me to decompress at the end of my day.  Sometimes I am very present and I hear every word and other days I find I drift off thinking about something that the CD inspired within me, either way I think its good.  I can honestly say that surrounding my self with such positive words has really shifted my thinking to becoming instinctively more positive.  There has been a week here or there where I may not have listened to motivational CD’s at all and I notice how the negative thoughts start to creep back in and my days are less enjoyable.  I’m impressed that through such a simple act can impact my mood and perception of the world can shift so profoundly.
  • Spend quality time with my son: Its not always as long as I would have liked and there have been times where I catch myself not being present with my son.  I love this time together, fills me with joy.
  • Laugh: Most days I find myself laughing out loud and it feels so good.  I think its due to the shift in perspective and positive environment that I am creating for myself. Being more present with my family has made this an easy daily task.  There are so many health benefits of laughter (something I will blog about soon!). It’s a natural and inexpensive activity that can positively impact your health.  so laugh often! 🙂

Tasks I was moderately good at:

  • 100 sit-ups/ 30 squats/ 15 push-ups: This hasn’t been difficult for me to find the time in my day for this task, however, I have difficulty remembering to do it.  Even if I am playing with my son I incorporate it with our play time and he LOVES it, for some reason my quick exercise makes him laugh wildly and he tries to get involved by laying his head on my abdomen while I do sit ups.  I see this as a bonus since it is added resistance along with a nice little moment we share together! Remember every little bit of exercise helps you achieve your goal of better health so just do something!
  • Eat clean meals: I have to say that in general I have been pretty good about eating clean and healthy (check out my article on nutrition facts).  But I have had times where I have been drinking more coffee then I should or eating more chocolate then I would have liked or given in to my salt cravings.  So I committed to a healthy detox diet (I cannot use other detoxifying agents since I am still a breastfeeding mom).  I FEEL INCREDIBLE! I have so much more energy, I am feeling lighter, thinking more clearly, feeling less stressed and I have lost 4lbs.  Diet is so absolutely essential in optimal health so I encourage you to speak to a Naturopathic Doctor about how you can feel better by enhancing your dietary habits.

Daily tasks that I have had poor compliance:

  • Pick up my clothes: This is something that is such a challenge for me, I have not been very good at doing as a daily practice. I have become great at shoving all my clothes on my closet floor and shutting the door (this is an improvement as I used to leave them all over the house).  I feel more calm when I do it, but I have some resistance to it… I am working on it!
  • Tea: Darn it, I’m trying! This one has been so challenging for me, its just so new for me that I often don’t even think of tea when I am craving a beverage.  But I will tell you since starting my detox and committing to being sugar free, herbal tea has a sudden attractiveness for me.  So I am going to David’s Tea and indulging in some delicious teas and I am going to love it by years end!

Lessons I have learned through this journey:

  1. Having a chart where I track my progress works incredibly well.  Not only is it motivating, its a helpful reminder and nothing feels better then the positive reinforcement of checking off my daily tasks.  Very satisfying!
  2. Good intentions or motivations are nothing without action.  You need to take action and hold yourself accountable.
  3. When you do the work you reap the rewards, when you don’t you can feel yourself creeping back into old habits.  Change is difficult and uncomfortable, its about learning to be okay with the discomfort of change and push through.  If you faith in the process then you shall be prosperous.
  4. Limiting your list to a few small things is realistic and attainable!
  5. Every second of every day is an opportunity for change, you can accomplish what you wish at this very moment, so just do your best. Just do something!

I hope you are following along with a list of your own.  Please share any and every thought you may have about your goals for 2012 or what you think about my Live Like You Give A Damn journey.  I would love to know what you think.

I wish you much success with your personal goals and to a wonderful, prosperous healthy life and I will check in more often to ensure we all are successful.

Living Like I Give A Damn,

Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Peris is a Naturopathic Doctor whose goal is to inspire health through educating, motivating and empowering people.  She has a family based practice out of a clinic in Oakville, Ontario.

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