DR. MICHELLE PERIS, Naturopathic Doctor

Hi! I’m Dr. Michelle Peris, a Naturopathic Doctor and clinic director of The Poppy Clinic who serves women in Oakville and the surrounding areas who are so over feeling sick or staying home with a sick child (again). These women hope there’s a different way to look after their health; they’re ready to stop messing around taking the newest health supplement, starting yet another fad diet, or trying the latest workout craze. They’re ready to try something that works—for their body.

Through teaching women of all ages and life stages how to listen to their bodies and tune into the wisdom inside, I help them create a life that feels good to live, with energy and passion that had been long forgotten.

I am here to help you become an advocate for your health.

I’ve been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for ten years. I’m here to see your pain, and as a fellow woman, I’m here to listen and see you for who you truly are.

I’m not just here to help you feel well in the moment. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have an interest in your long-term game—your entire healthy, happy, life.

My clinical focus is on women and children, hormone health, and digestion. I’m the proud creator of Dr. Mom ND, an online resource for health conscious mamas and their natural babies. As a speaker and creator of the Rebel Tribe, I love giving and facilitating talks about wellness, mindfulness, and living our best life. I’m also a contributor to several podcasts.

When I’m not working through health concerns with my patients, you’ll find me sipping bulletproof coffee, hanging out with my tribe which includes my super cool husband, playing with my two young kids, or staying up entirely too late with my husband and a few goofy pets.




DR. LISA KNAPPER, Naturopathic Doctor

When I’m asked about how I found Naturopathic Medicine, my answer is “It found me!” I had no idea that such a wonderful system of medicine existed until sometime during my undergrad studies at the University of Regina. The topic came up in my psychology class and I immediately had to know more. I went home that very day and started my quest to find out what Naturopathic Medicine was all about, and how to practice it. My research lead me to the Canadian College on Naturopathic Medicine. I knew this was the place for me. It was an instant “ah-ha!” moment. After I finished my pre-med studies, I packed up my whole life into two suitcases and hopped on a flight to Toronto. I haven’t looked back since!

Being a Naturopathic Doctor allows me to combine my passion for Natural Medicine, my problem solving skills and my desire to help people make positive changes. My main goal is to educate and inspire you so you can feel better and be better!

Over several years of practice, I have shifted my focus to helping people beat stress and anxiety, correcting digestive disturbances, regulating period and hormonal issues, and helping women stay healthy and strong during pregnancy and labour. No matter what your concern is, I will always take the time and get to know you and your story, working to provide the best solutions for your health and wellness concerns.

Besides being obsessed with Naturopathic Medicine, I am a mamma to an energetic daughter who keeps me on my toes. I love forests and music festivals equally. I get my workouts in (almost) every morning, and I love cooking meals for my family and friends.

I look forward to getting to know you!




TINA GRAVALOS, Holistic Nutritionist

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), also known as a Holistic Nutritionist, and a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), who graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I also went to the University of Toronto and achieved an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Sociology and Criminology/Socio-Legal Studies.

I am a passionate advocate for all things holistic wellness, with an interest in pediatric, digestive, preventative and women’s health and wellness. I believe that there is a strong urgency in educating people on the importance of nourishing their bodies, with quality foods and lifestyle practices, to be the healthiest version of themselves. I believe in getting to the root cause of an individual’s health concerns by assessing them as a whole, from nutritional choices to lifestyle choices, and everything in-between.

Working with Dr. Michelle and Dr. Lisa has been a dream come true. I get to learn from amazing mentors while contributing my skills, expertise and passion for helping others to provide our clients with optimal holistic care.

Aside from practicing at The Poppy Clinic, I am also the in-house nutritionist for Meal Garden, an online meal planning tool and recipe database. Most recently, I have joined Well TO Do, Toronto’s wellness and fitness guide, as a wellness contributor where I get to express my passion for health and wellness, as well as my love of writing, by contributing articles on a variety of topics.

I love interacting with others as I find it very rewarding to be able to make a lasting impression, big or small, on anyone who crosses my path. At the end of the day, my goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by encouraging and supporting them to make healthy choices to lead the healthiest life possible!

My family is my everything. I have two nieces and a nephew and I am so blessed to watch them learn and grow each day. I have a great love for soccer, as I have been playing for 20 years. Most of the time, you can find me in the kitchen whipping up a delicious smoothie, matcha latte or simply in deep thought over creating a recipe or a stellar Instragram post.





CHRISTINE EVANS, Microcell Sciences Inc., LBA

Christine is based in Oakville, Ontario.  Her 20 years of working experience consists of over 12 years of sales in which she was recognized on several occasions as a top 10 performer nationally.  She has spent the past 8 years working in an operational role directly with the CEO on special projects, as well as the company’s budgeting, forecasting and purchasing.  Christine also managed all operational costs and expenses for two of the company’s properties.

Christine has 2 teenaged children that currently attend high school and both play competitive sports.  Family time is important to Christine and her husband Tim and they both can been seen attending as many events as possible in the stands.  Unfortunately, Christine lost her Mother to cancer many years ago.  Her mother (age 51) was far too young to leave this earth, sadly her mother did not recognize some of the key signs regarding her symptoms until it was too late.  Since that day, Christine has taken a huge interest in understanding the importance of what it means to educate yourself on understanding your body and the symptoms that effect you from living a healthier and more active life style. 

In 2008, she met Shannon Gregory (Microcell Sciences Inc).  Christine would express to Shannon how thankful she was for the Live Blood Analysis.  Christine has been bringing her whole family to Shannon since that initial meeting.  Over the years Christine was SO passionate about how the Live Blood can help detect and or prevent different types of illnesses that she said to Shannon, “I want to do what you do, help heal people!”

So the story begins…..




SAM PERIS, Holistic Nutritionist

Hola! I’m Samantha Peris (Sam’s good though…I’m a little more high tops than high heels). I’m a Holistic Nutritionist who works with health conscious mamas (& their babes) who:

•   are overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition info

•   who don’t have enough time to do it all

•   who are sleep deprived

•   who can use ANY help they can get!!

I give them the tools to:

•   boost energy

•   maximize nutrition

•   decrease time spent planning meals and grocery shopping

•   get you organized

•   deal with hangry toddlers hanging off your legs, resulting in less time spent locking yourself in the bathroom

This will help reduce your total stress level, leaving you in a positive place to have quality, “in the moment” time with your kids. Meanwhile, you’ll

•   transform your body

•   look and feel confident and comfortable

•   eat whole, real foods all without counting calories

I’ve been living a whole foods, gluten free life for over a decade. I am passionate about natural health. When I learned about and felt the effects of a whole foods diet, it changed my life.

I’ve raised two healthy boys (currently 2 & 5) who ask for “more salad please” and actually say “quinoa salad…YAY!”. Fueled a super-ultra-athlete-eco husband. Plus, I’m the one and only sister to Dr. Michelle Peris, ND, who I have to thank for setting my health straight. This has given me the expertise to help you achieve your health goals, stop wasting time, and make meals that the whole family will love so that you can feel slim, sexy and confident while rocking this healthy mama lifestyle!

When I’m not coaching all the sexy mamas, I can usually be found on the floor building lego with my chicos, hiking or biking with the fam. And the odd time, when I actually get alone “me time” I’ll go for a quick run, sweat it out at a hot yoga class, or get out for a glass of vino with my girls.