DR. MICHELLE PERIS, Naturopathic Doctor

Hi! I’m Dr. Michelle Peris, a Naturopathic Doctor and clinic director of The Poppy Clinic who serves women in Oakville and the surrounding areas who are so over feeling sick or staying home with a sick child (again). These women hope there’s a different way to look after their health; they’re ready to stop messing around taking the newest health supplement, starting yet another fad diet, or trying the latest workout craze. They’re ready to try something that works—for their body.

Through teaching women of all ages and life stages how to listen to their bodies and tune into the wisdom inside, I help them create a life that feels good to live, with energy and passion that had been long forgotten.

I am here to help you become an advocate for your health.

I’ve been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for ten years. I’m here to see your pain, and as a fellow woman, I’m here to listen and see you for who you truly are.

I’m not just here to help you feel well in the moment. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have an interest in your long-term game—your entire healthy, happy, life.

My clinical focus is on women and children, hormone health, and digestion. I’m the proud creator of Dr. Mom ND, an online resource for health conscious mamas and their natural babies. As a speaker and creator of the Rebel Tribe, I love giving and facilitating talks about wellness, mindfulness, and living our best life. I’m also a contributor to several podcasts.

When I’m not working through health concerns with my patients, you’ll find me sipping bulletproof coffee, hanging out with my tribe which includes my super cool husband, playing with my two young kids, or staying up entirely too late with my husband and a few goofy pets.




DR. LISA KNAPPER, Naturopathic Doctor

When I’m asked about how I found Naturopathic Medicine, my answer is “It found me!” I had no idea that such a wonderful system of medicine existed until sometime during my undergrad studies at the University of Regina. The topic came up in my psychology class and I immediately had to know more. I went home that very day and started my quest to find out what Naturopathic Medicine was all about, and how to practice it. My research lead me to the Canadian College on Naturopathic Medicine. I knew this was the place for me. It was an instant “ah-ha!” moment. After I finished my pre-med studies, I packed up my whole life into two suitcases and hopped on a flight to Toronto. I haven’t looked back since!

Being a Naturopathic Doctor allows me to combine my passion for Natural Medicine, my problem solving skills and my desire to help people make positive changes. My main goal is to educate and inspire you so you can feel better and be better!

Over several years of practice, I have shifted my focus to helping people beat stress and anxiety, correcting digestive disturbances, regulating period and hormonal issues, and helping women stay healthy and strong during pregnancy and labour. No matter what your concern is, I will always take the time and get to know you and your story, working to provide the best solutions for your health and wellness concerns.

Besides being obsessed with Naturopathic Medicine, I am a mamma to an energetic daughter who keeps me on my toes. I love forests and music festivals equally. I get my workouts in (almost) every morning, and I love cooking meals for my family and friends.

I look forward to getting to know you!




DR. KIRSTY GAYLOR, Naturopathic Doctor

I am passionate about helping people to discover, create, and cultivate their own health. In my practice, it is integral that you feel you seen, you feel heard, and you have the space to tell your story. Every part of it is important and relevant to your wellbeing.

So many people think that health is simply the lack of disease—that if you aren’t sick, then you are healthy. But there is so more to health than just “feeling okay”. I love to remind my patients that you weren’t just born a “bad sleeper”, there is something we can do about that. Or you can loose weight, keep it off, and actually enjoy the process. It is possible to find peace in your day despite the chaos that you may feel now.

Health is not just a luxury for lucky people but rather something you create and cultivate. There are endless possibilities that can be achieved, and it is my passion to help you to re-discover your own health. You can have an abundance of energy and vitality. You can feel rejuvenated and kick that stress out of your life!

Ultimately, I strive to remind you that you really can achieve those health goals!

Intravenous therapy is something I focus on at the Poppy Clinic. With IV therapy we are able to replenish your body with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients. The benefit is that we are bypassing the digestive tract allowing for higher absorption and getting these nutrients right to your cells. The amazing part is that many people are able to experience benefits literally within hours of receiving a treatment. On our journey towards health, sometimes we just need that jumpstart back on track towards health, wellness, and rejuvenation. There are so many ways intravenous therapy can benefit you, Click here to read more.

I am also a soon to be mamma and cannot wait to meet my little one. I love to create in the kitchen—whether its food, medicinal teas, or homemade beauty products. These days, if I am not working, I am probably daydreaming about or on my way to a beach in Costa Rica. My partner and I love to surf together, he is a surfer and I think also part fish! I half grew up in the Philippines and so learning about the diversity of cultures fascinates me. Adventure and spending time immersed in nature are what keep me grounded!




DR. EMILY FITZGERALD, Naturopathic Doctor

I know you’re destined to do something fabulous. Even if you don’t know what it is yet. I believe that is why each one of us is here.

As a naturopathic doctor with a special commitment to working with women and individuals in transitional phases in their lives, I believe that health and happiness come down to discovering who you are. I’m not talking about what you do for a living or study at school, but who you are on a deeply human level. This is about your unique body, what makes you happy, the people you connect with, and your own one-of-a-kind definition of success.

In my early twenties, buried under the pressures of university life, work, love and my social circles, I grew rigid with my health and lifestyle choices. I wanted so badly to be perfect—thin, fit, successful—that I didn’t let myself relax into the natural rhythms of my mind and body. As a result, I missed out on hundreds of opportunities to experience joy and well-being.

I believe that your health is dynamic and that your body is capable of returning to a state of health.

But as I became a naturopathic doctor and began my work helping patients with their own weight loss, nutrition, food-based sensitivities, digestive concerns and fertility obstacles, I learned that each of us is more biologically magical than what we were ever taught.

I now know that living a fabulous and healthy life is about so much more than nutrition and exercise. It’s about uncovering the truth that’s already inside you. This includes your physical truth—your hormone levels, or your unique genetic blueprint—and the mental, spiritual—your emotions, ideas, and deepest desires.

What I am passionate about:

  • Optimizing Metabolism, Integrating Individualized Testing with Lifestyle
  • Optimizing Brain Health, Memory and Focus
  • Helping women feel calm and confident
  • Supporting healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Detoxification and Environmental Health
  • Longevity and Aging Well 



DR. AFROUSHEH AMINI,  MSc., CNP, ND—Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Afrousheh Amini is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Functional Medicine Practitioner with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. She works together with her patients to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based plan to address their health goals.

In addition to her Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Amini also holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, a holistic nutritional practitioner designation as well as extensive training with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Amini, ND is a licensed, board-certified Naturopathic Doctor in the province of Ontario, and is fully fluent in English and Farsi.



CAIT MIZZI, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Cait Mizzi is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), having graduated with first class honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Canada. She has dedicated thousands of hours and years of research and study into understanding the intricate relationship between the human body and the foods that we eat. 

Having sent two autoimmune conditions of her own into remission, Cait’s passionate journey in health and wellness began. After leaving a successful 15-year career in Fashion & Entertainment, Cait now spends her days educating and empowering others to heal themselves and strive for a life of optimal, vibrant health. 

Cait’s practice focuses on pediatric nutrition (the best place to begin setting up dietary habits for a life without dis-ease). She also works with men and woman for both libido, fertility, autoimmune disease, mental health and more. 

Cait is thrilled to have joined the incredible team of doctors and practitioners that make up the Poppy Clinic. She can’t wait to meet ya!




JAMIE WAGGONER, RMT—Scar Tissue Therapist

Hello, I am Jamie Waggoner a Registered Massage Therapist with a clinical focus on Scar Release Therapy. I have been treating scars for fourteen years and now exclusively work with scar tissue.

I am often asked, “why do I need my scar released?” Scars form adhesions and can create havoc in the body. These adhesions cause restrictions and can make normal movement difficult and painful, cause postural imbalances, pull organs out of position, reduce energy flow and cause pain. In theory, all scars should be released, but I do find most notably any abdominal scars such as c-sections, hysterectomies and appendectomies as well as breast scars such as mastectomies and lumpectomies tend to create the most
havoc and highly recommend having these scars released.

So, the next question I am asked is, “how do you release my scar?”. There are two components to a scar release treatment. A direct mirco current is used to change the scar tissue at a cellular level followed by manual scar release techniques. These techniques combined together can significantly reduce the restrictions and pain caused by scar tissue.

When I am not at The Poppy Clinic you can find me within our community frequently providing entertainment for our remarkable seniors in Retirement Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, or anywhere seniors gather. I love dancing whether it is teaching dance for fitness, getting lost in an old movie musical, or swaying to the music in my backyard sanctuary.





Amy has always had a passion for healthcare. She graduated from Fleming College in 2010 and successfully obtained her registered massage therapy certification shortly after. She has been practicing for over 8 years now working with a variety of clientele, including celebrities and professional athletes.

While working at Balance Point Health Center in 2015, she met Shannon and she changed her life! Amy was so fascinated by the story our blood tells. In this case, hers was that she was holding on to extra weight because of candida in the body and an overworked liver. Shannon put Amy through a cleanse and naturopathic remedies and in 6 weeks, she lost 15 lbs (that stayed off). In addition to weight loss, she had more energy, brighter skin, and a clearer mind.

Fast forward 3 years, as Shannon was growing her blood lab, Amy knew she wanted to be a part her team. She has a passion for helping people and is enthusiastic about the changes and information Live Blood can provide. With so much experience helping clients improve their quality of life externally, through massage therapy, it was time to start helping people repair and rebuild their bodies from the inside out.

In her spare time Amy loves to spend time with her husband and daughter, travel and snowboard. In the future, she hopes to be doing LBA with animals in a naturopathic veterinarian clinic.

She is so excited to be a part of the already successful team at The Poppy Clinic, and cannot wait to start helping people feel their absolute best.




SAM PERIS, Holistic Nutritionist

Hola! I’m Samantha Peris (Sam’s good though…I’m a little more high tops than high heels). I’m a Holistic Nutritionist who works with health conscious mamas (& their babes) who:

•   are overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition info

•   who don’t have enough time to do it all

•   who are sleep deprived

•   who can use ANY help they can get!!

I give them the tools to:

•   boost energy

•   maximize nutrition

•   decrease time spent planning meals and grocery shopping

•   get you organized

•   deal with hangry toddlers hanging off your legs, resulting in less time spent locking yourself in the bathroom

This will help reduce your total stress level, leaving you in a positive place to have quality, “in the moment” time with your kids. Meanwhile, you’ll

•   transform your body

•   look and feel confident and comfortable

•   eat whole, real foods all without counting calories

I’ve been living a whole foods, gluten free life for over a decade. I am passionate about natural health. When I learned about and felt the effects of a whole foods diet, it changed my life.

I’ve raised two healthy boys (currently 2 & 5) who ask for “more salad please” and actually say “quinoa salad…YAY!”. Fueled a super-ultra-athlete-eco husband. Plus, I’m the one and only sister to Dr. Michelle Peris, ND, who I have to thank for setting my health straight. This has given me the expertise to help you achieve your health goals, stop wasting time, and make meals that the whole family will love so that you can feel slim, sexy and confident while rocking this healthy mama lifestyle!

When I’m not coaching all the sexy mamas, I can usually be found on the floor building lego with my chicos, hiking or biking with the fam. And the odd time, when I actually get alone “me time” I’ll go for a quick run, sweat it out at a hot yoga class, or get out for a glass of vino with my girls.