“Today’s guest is a Naturopathic doctor who practices here in Ontario. What is so fundamentally unique about what she has built is that her business is founded upon the notion of intention and female empowerment. Dr. Michelle Peris, ND leads her business initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit from intent, her spirit, and what feels right — in a way and with a bravery that I wish more people would look at and embrace. With her, it is not about putting out something perfect, but instead, putting out something meaningful into the world. As a result, she has built a clinic and a tribe of women who follow her — as they should!

Today’s interview was about health and how to create a vision and intention for our business — and the actual exercises we need to go through to make that happen. We take a look at balancing the need to have a vision for where we’re going while maintaining a plan for execution that keeps us grounded and moving forward. We also talked vision boards, health practices, and daily routines. This is a gem for anyone who knows and feels and wants to infuse those elements into their business!” Dr. Meghan Walker – The Entrepology Podcast 

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[3:11] Michelle shares her personal journey and her passions.

[4:16] How Michelle got into naturopathic medicine.

[6:55] What she considers her personal quest in terms of healthcare and entrepreneurial journey.

[9:26] In creating her business that is focused on intention, how does Michelle helps her clients engage in it as well?

[10:37] How and when Michelle began to question the ‘why.’

[12:12] About the launch of Michelle’s clinic, The Poppy Clinic.

[16:48] About the tribe Michelle’s built around her brand.

[24:27] The power of Michelle’s vision board; how to make one and what works for her.

[30:58] What Michelle would like her legacy to be.

[32:11] How Michelle defines health.

[33:18] How Michelle keeps herself healthy — Michelle’s KPIs!

[38:18] Where to find more about Michelle online.


“My personal quest has so much to do with finding myself and discovering who I truly am and reclaiming who I think I was born to be.” — Michelle Peris

“What drives me is to understand the ‘why.’” — Michelle Peris

“I really trust my intuition and I feel like as long as I put the question out there, the answer always comes.” — Michelle Peris

“In essence [the Rebel Tribe is] sisterhood and self-care; it really focuses on learning about your body and learning a different way about your body.” — Michelle Peris

“[My tribe] feels so much bigger than me, and I’m just in love with the idea of it. It really has inspired and invigorated my practice and I feel like I’m attracting the right people, I’m working with the people that I can actually help — and it’s just awesome.”

— Michelle Peris

“I love vision boards! …There [have been] distinct differences in terms of what I accomplished in the years that I had a vision board.” — Michelle Peris

“Visions boards, for me, have always helped me accomplish what I think is really important.” — Michelle Peris