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The Fifth Vital Sign in Women’s Health, Cervical Mucous with Dr. Sarah Oulahen

Dr. Sarah Oulahen is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto with a passion for helping people discover and lead healthful lives, naturally.

Sarah is the Clinical Director and practicing Naturopathic Doctor at SOW Health. Sarah has a generalized family practice and aims to help people achieve and maintain optimal health through the many milestones of their lives, but has a special interest in digestive concerns, skin conditions, environmental health, biotherapeutic drainage and women’s health. She is particularly interested in helping women better navigate the complex stages of puberty, fertility and conception, and menopause.

During this amazing episode, Dr. Sarah Oulahen is enlighten the audience about the most common issues about fertility, giving details about the incredible importance of cervical mucus, considered as the fifth vital sign to fertility. She also goes deep into menstrual cycle awareness, how to identify the most fertile moments and how a normal cycle should look like. Dr. Sara, apart from being a fertility expert, went through her own journey dealing with fertility issues, and shares her entire story conceiving not only once, but twice. 

Enjoy this inspiring story, filled with valuable information for anyone trying to conceive or simply wanting to know more about their own menstrual cycle.

Key Takeaways:

[6:33 How Dr Sarah Oulahen became a naturopathic doctor.

[8:06] Attending births is the most amazing experience.

[9:55] Dr. Sara’s own difficulties with fertility.

[12:46] The importance of cervical mucus to fertility.

[15:44] Chartering 3 cycles.

[16:38] Pay attention to cervical mucus every time you go to the bathroom.

[18:10] How does cervical mucus look in the different phases of your cycle?

[19:37] Cervical mucus is a vital sign for fertility

[20:20] Why are women so apprehensive about cervical mucus?

[22:03] Do not use products that disrupt your  cervix microbiome.

[25:17] Menstrual cycle awareness.

[26:29] How to know when you are fertile.

[28:54] How does a normal cycle look like?

[33:06] It takes 2 to 3 cycles to understand your own menstrual cycle

[37:02] Creating healthy fertile fluid.

[38:18] The first step is hydration.

[40:01] Taking decongestants.

[41:44] Being pregnant for the second time.

[47:38] Dealing with gestational diabetes.

[52:01] Paleo diet for blood sugar regulation.

[53:51] Importance of tracking and knowing the risk factors,

[55:09] Having a good source of protein helps regulate blood sugar.

[56:26] Solutions or alternatives to “the drink”.

[59:12] Knowledge is power.

[1:01:47] Strategies to manage your baby’s blood sugar after birth.

[1:03:25] Recipe for keto buns.

[1:03:48] Favorite mistake.

[1:06:04] Talk to people in an empathetic way.

[1:07:06] Rapid fire questions.

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When was the last time you felt truly cared for, like your health provider is invested in helping you find the root cause of your dis-ease and is offering common sense solutions to your problems?

The Poppy Clinic think you need an innovative approach, understanding why you are experiencing the symptoms in the first place, offering functional tests to help provide the answers that you need and solutions that make sense for your life. At The Poppy Clinic, we believe you deserve to thrive in your health and be an invested member in your healthcare partnership. We are an integrative healthcare team providing services such as naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition, IV vitamin therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, scar release therapy and live cell blood analysis. Since we believe community is imperative for transforming your health, we also provide unique community health services,  our women’s group Rebel Tribe, we have a 6 week meditation series, solstice meditation, group nutrition services and mom and baby yoga. We want to transform your healthcare experience, we believe that you deserve such clarity in your health you can separate poppy seeds from soil and now you know where the clinic name comes from. We look forward to meeting you very soon!

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“Having sex with cervical mucus present, increases your chances of concieving by 40 to 100 times and it is more important than timing your ovulation..” #therebelpodcast #cervicalmucus #ovulation #fertility

“Nothing replace your cervical mucus to transport the sperm where it needs to be

.” #therebelpodcast #cervicalmucus #fertility 

“Cervical mucus is a response to estrogen.” #therebelpodcast #cervicalmucus

“Cervical mucus is a vital sign for fertility” #therebelpodcast #cervicalmucus #fertility

“Getting pregnant makes your cervix 2 to 3 years younger .” #therebelpodcast #pregnancy #cervix

“1 in 6 couples in Canada have problems with fertility.” #therebelpodcast #fertility












Embracing and Loving Yourself to the Core

with Jen Oliver

“… and when we tap into our heart coherence which is a high vibration, a more stable frequency of the brain, more of an alpha wave, where babies and young children before the age of 7 hang out, this is a very chill state and this is a place where we can actually enter into, like another world.”

Jen Oliver created the FitMama personal training and group coaching movement based on years of experience in the fitness industry where she helped thousands of people lose weight, get stronger and change their lives. She saw a need for more education on safe exercise practices during pregnancy and post-partum to avoid the often debilitating consequences of unsafe exercises that are all too common. As a trainer, nutritionist, coach and mom herself, Jen knows what it takes to strengthen the body from the inside out. With breathing techniques and safe exercises, Jen has been helping  women restore their core to a place where they feel even stronger than before they had kids.

Dr. Michelle Peris and Jen Oliver engage in a powerful conversation about women learning to embrace and love themselves, becoming aware of unconscious and detrimental habits and thoughts that prevent them from enjoying their lives to the fullest. Jen gives practical tools to start listening to your body and inner voice, to get deeply connected to what you really want and to set healthy boundaries from what is not serving you anymore.

Key Takeaways:

[3:35] Jen Oliver talks about her personal journey.

[5:50] Reconnecting with your core after giving birth.

[6:55] Embracing the phase where you are in.

[7:18] Being in a body that you love.

[7:50] The disconnect between what it is and what you wish it could be.

[8:23] Emotional fitness.

[10:31] Superficial vs Deep (muscles and thoughts).

[12:28] Learning to listen to your body.

[13:20] Tools to get into the deeper core of motherhood.

[16:14] Learning to ask for help the hard way.

[17:40] Letting go and surrendering.

[18:53] Tackling the athlete brain.

[22:07] When pushing harder is not the answer.

[23:30] Cultivating a more positive mindset.

[23:58] Heart, math and coherence.

[26:08] Broadening and build.

[26:55] Becoming aware of subconscious patterns.

[27:25] “How can I get your body back?”

[30:15] Embracing and enjoy.

[30:58] Simple strategies to help women to actually truly enjoy.

[32:11] Setting boundaries and establishing your obligations.

[34:14] Create awareness about what is not working for you.

[35:24] Stop, breathe and say “no”.

[37:19] How to love yourself to the core: The chocolate cake example.

[44:10] Our kids can be our greatest teachers.

[44:45] Jen talks about being a rebel.

[47:08] Jen shares her unique family ways.

[50:01] Tell your story!

[50:47] Rapid fire questions.

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Get in touch with Jen Oliver.

Jen Oliver – FitMama

Breathe Back Your Body, Jen Oliver

Jen Oliver on Instagram

The Love FitMama Way

Quotes and Tweetables:

“We can reconnect with ourselves through breathing.” #therebelpodcast #breathe

“Motherhood is an opportunity to step into your leadership” #therebelpodcast #motherhood #leadership

“There is huge value in facing what is scary to us.” #therebelpodcast #fear

“When we can love the body we have, we have the bodies we love.” #therebelpodcast #loveyourbody

“About neuroplasticity: our brains can change at any time.” #therebelpodcast #neuroplasticity

“Heart coherence happens at a high vibration.” #therebelpodcast #heartcoherence #vibration

“Allow yourself to live your life today.” #therebelpodcast #permission #enjoy

“No is a complete sentence, you don’t need to explain yourself. “ #therebelpodcast #no #boundaries











Follow your Instincts, Practicing Confident Parenting

with Lauren Hefferman

“It’s ok for babies to cry, we just need to be there and listen, making physical and eye contact… then we wait.” Lauren Hefferman

Lauren Heffernan is the Founder of Isla-Grace. She’s a certified Holistic Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant and Certified Sleep Educator. She provides information and support to women at different stages of motherhood, and walks each one through the personal journey to become a more confident mother. 

In this episode, Lauren and Michelle engage in an honest and profound conversation about parenting and sleep habits. There are a lot of misunderstandings and myths regarding how parents “should” deal with babies’ sleep habits, these concepts bring anxiety, guilt  and, the most detrimental aspect is that they force parents to go against their own instincts and beliefs.  Lauren shares her knowledge, experience, and tackles the most common fears and worries parents have when dealing with their babies’ emotions, behaviours and habits. Listen to this empowering conversation that will guide you to trust your instincts in order to connect better with your baby.

Key Takeaways:

[3:46] Lauren talks about her personal journey.

[7:00] We lose all control when we have a baby.

[8:48] What do children need from their parents?

[9:11] When we lose confidence as parents.

[11:15] Children need strong leaders.

[11:58] It is not about having the answer, but being the answer.

[13:30] Isla-Grace, a place where parents are encouraged to follow their instincts

[15:24] Our instincts are telling to respond to the crying baby, that is why sleep training doesn’t work.

[15:44] Babies co-regulate their emotions with parents.

[18:38] You don’t need a plan or a book.

[21:55] Carrying mommy guilt.

[23:06] When you leave a baby alone, they are going to feel panic.

[23:55] The idea of a child being independent.

[24:10] For a baby to eventually becoming independent, they need to have a secure attachment.

[26:10] How long is it ok when you are sleep training?

[27:12] All behaviours are rooted in an emotion.

[28:24] Most common factors when there are sleep concerns.

[28:55] Are you afraid of emotions?

[30:45] Mouth breathing.

[33:40] Nobody is meant to sleep with their mouths open.

[37:29] Food sensitivities and iron deficiencies.

[40:54] We help families to change patterns.

[43:04] Have lines for yourself that will keep you calm.

[44:11] No expert will tell you what is the right thing to do, you have to connect to what feels right.

[47:34] Building resilience.

[48:05] The traffic circle.

[50:20] Myth: If your hold your child too much, you are spoiling him.

[50:50] A child needs to have a secure attachment to one primary caregiver.

[52:41] Protecting yourself when you are a sensitive person.

[57:11] What makes Lauren rebellious?

[59:06] Rapid fire questions

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Isla Grace Sleep

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Isla Grace Sleep on Facebook

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Most of the babies don’t sleep according to the books or the schedules naturally, and then, as parents, we feel like a failure.” #therebelpodcast #baby #sleep #parenthood 

“Becoming a mother is the most humbling experience” #therebelpodcast #mother #humble 

“Our children need a strong and confident leader as a parent” #therebelpodcast #children #parenting #leaders #confidence 

“When parents lose their confidence, a lot of anxiety is caused in the children.” #therebelpodcast #parenting #confidence #anxiety 

“No matter what, you are the best parent for your child.” #therebelpodcast #parenting   

“Our instincts are telling to respond to the crying baby, that is why sleep training doesn’t work.” #therebelpodcast #followyourinstincts #sleeptraining #babycry 

“When you leave a baby alone, they are going to feel panic.” #therebelpodcast #baby #cry #panic 

“In order for a baby eventually coming independent, they need to have a secure attachment.”  #therebelpodcast #indepence #children #babies #attachment 

“All behaviours are rooted in an emotion.” #therebelpodcast #behaviour #emotion 

“It’s almost never a sleep issue, it’s a relationship issue.“ #therebelpodcast #sleep #relationships

“Nobody is meant to sleep with their mouths open..” #therebelpodcast #sleep #mouthbreathing 

“Noone knows your baby better than you do.” #therebelpodcast #baby #mother

“The biggest predictor of what is going to happen tomorrow is what happens today.” #therebelpodcast #parenting #habits

“Fruit spoils, children don’t” #therebelpodcast #spoling #children











Father’s Day Special

With Keith Tinson

There are a lot of great dads out there contributing to their families in the best way. That is why this episode is dedicated to fathers, and Michelle is welcoming her husband, Keith Timson, to talk about the experience, challenges and great journey for men that have the privilege to be called fathers!

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] Keith talks about himself.

[6:17] Challenges of being a parent.

[7:52] Keep the connection with your true purpose.

[12:11] Being a leader in the family.

[16:37] What you wish you have done more?

[18:57] Own who you are.

[20:57] It is ok to be wrong.

[25:10] Creating a safe place and listening to your children.

[29:02] Getting stuck and seeking for help.

[29:54] Being humble.

[32:23] Being comfortable with your own flaws.

[33:32] Paternity leave.

[38:37] Feeling immerse in your baby’s world.

[39:48] Imbalance in appreciation of parents.

[41:52] Dealing with boundaries.

[45:22] You just stop and everything works out.

[48:22] Freedom of time.

[49:08] Favorite thing about being a dad

[50:22] Follow your heart!

[51:15] Expectations.

[52:14] Favorite mistake.

[53:35] What makes Keith rebellious?

[54:25] Rapid fire questions

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Humility: Self knowledge based on truth.” #therebelpodcast #humble #selfknowledge

“It is very easy to get lost in what your primary goal is.” #therebelpodcast #gettinglost #priorities

“No one is perfect, it is ok to be wrong” #therebelpodcast #perfect #oktobewrong

“Parents and kids are growing together.” #therebelpodcast #parents #kids #growalong

“My best self is to be dad number 1” #therebelpodcast #dad #fatherhood

“You have to put your faith in that things will work out if you are doing the right thing.” #therebelpodcast #faith #goals #purpose

“Whatever your goal is, make the time to achieve it, because life goes fast.” #therebelpodcast #goals #mission











Mindfulness for Children and Parents

With Tamara Hackett

Tamara Hackett is an author, illustrator, Meditation Teacher, Designer and seeker of purpose in everything she does. As a creative, Tamara understands the world through imagery and thoughtful design. She puts feeling into her work, hoping to create space in people’s lives for them to experience life with eyes and hearts wide open. Along with her all-original design work, Tamara created a variety of books for adults, children and everyone in-between.

Mindfulness is like building a muscle, a practice that you continuously have to exercise to strengthen the skill. Starting at a young age to connect with intuition and learning to recognize feelings, emotions and bodily sensations associated with them, gives children the strength to overcome daily challenges and a lifelong skill that will always enrich their lives.

In this wonderful episode, Tamara and Michelle talk about mindful practices not only for children but for parents, their benefits and the meaningful connections that can be created as a result of being more present and opened to our inner worlds.

Key Takeaways:

[2:41] Tamara’s passion for art therapy.

[4:18] Mindful ABC’s for children to connect.

[8:05] Feedback from families and children.

[10:41] Incorporating mindfulness into daily life.

[11:32] Mindful 123.

[13:50] Mindfulness is like building a muscle.

[15:45] Connecting with your inner world.

[16:05] How did Tamara start mindfulness practices?

[19:40] Setting boundaries as a parent to be present.

[20:15] Gratitude practice.

[25:06] Helping children foster their intuition about their bodies.

[27:54] Building trust in yourself.

[29:15] How did Tamara become a published author?

[33:20] A challenge that Tamara is grateful for.

[34:48] Tamara’s favorite teacher.

[35:21] Non-rebellious, non-conformist.

[36:21] Rapid fire questions.

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Get in touch with Tamara Hackett.

Tamara Hackett

Mindful ABC’s, Tamara Hackett

Mindful 123, Tamara Hackett

Growing Gratitude: A Fillable Journal to Inspire a Gratitude Practice for Children, Tamara Hackett

Welcome Little Star: A Memory Keeper for Mindful Moments, Tamara Hackett

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Mindfulness is like building a muscle.” #therebelpodcast #minfulness #practice

“Through the practice of mindfulness connecting with your inner world is no longer scary and unfamiliar.” #therebelpodcast #minfulness #connect #innerworld

“Advice for entrepreneurial women: You just need to start.” #therebelpodcast #juststart #women #entrepreneur

“Sometimes things are out of your control but you have to find a way around them.” #therebelpodcast #challenges #control

“Keep being authentic to yourself.” #therebelpodcast #authenticity #practice

“What people think about you is none of your business.” #therebelpodcast #opinions











All You Need to Know about Thyroid Function

with Dr Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur is a naturopathic doctor and a clinic director in Ottawa, Ontario. Her practice is almost exclusively centered on supporting women with thyroid function and hormonal health. In this amazing episode Dr. Michelle and Dr. Sarah will dive deep into female sex hormones, thyroid health, what tests you need to be advocating for yourself, what are the optimal ranges for these labs, how Dr. Sarah and naturopathic doctors approach hormone dysfunction and how to optimize your health through nutrition and natural interventions.

You will listen to this episode over and over again while you figure out your own fatigue, Dr. Sarah is a fatigue fighter and her mission is to support women and to help them find their own definition of balance so that they can thrive, fill their cup and best support their tribe.

Key Takeaways:

[2:58] How Dr. Sarah started in naturopathic medicine.

[6:42] Unpacking the hormonal picture.

[7:03] Fatigue is the number one reason for women to consult Dr. Sarah.

[8:55] The right testing to check inflammation.

[10:24] Reference and optimal ranges.

[11:06] TSH as a doorbell.

[11:50] T4 is a better way to know what your thyroid is doing.

[12:44] T3 is the hormone that gives you energy.

[13:22] Thyroid antibodies and Hashimoto.

[14:20] Reverse T3 is the hibernation hormone.

[16:13] Body temperature and thyroid disorders.

[19:01] Unpacking stress levels, coping and social support.

[22:50] The adrenal glands, cortisol and stress.

[23:45] How stress impacts our bodies.

[26:24] Thyroid dysfunction.

[29:54] Improvements when thyroid function starts to achieve balance.

[30:30] The difference between skipping meals and time restrictive eating.

[31:52] Why Keto might not the best diet for you.

[33:14] Simple dietary interventions.

[35:38] Gluten and dairy free diet for treating Hashimoto.

[36:37] Naturopathic interventions to help optimize the entire body.

[39:39] Retrain your system on how to relax.

[40:35] Vitamins to support your hormones.

[42:25] Keeping your hormones as balanced as possible.

[44:05] Learn to say “no”.

[47:18] Dr. Sarah favorite learning lesson.

[49:10] Rapid fire questions.

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Docere Clinic, Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur on Facebook

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur on Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“TSH is not made in your thyroid, it is made by your brain, so measuring TSH to know about your thyroid function is insufficient.” #therebelpodcast #TSH #thyroid

“The thyroid is the regulator of our bodie’s temperature.” #therebelpodcast #thyroid #bodytemperature

“Stress is not just happening in your brain, it is affecting your entire body.” #therebelpodcast #stress #naturopathicmedicine

“Your adrenal glands are like the gas tank in your car and cortisol is the fuel.” #therebelpodcast #adrenals #cortisol

“Retrain your system in how to relax with 5 or 10 minutes of staying still.” #therebelpodcast #relax #stress #still

“What you can be consistent with will give you long term results.” #therebelpodcast #changes #consistency











A Celebration of Life

with Michelle Peris

Dr Michelle Peris just turned 38 years old, and in this episode she decided to share the knowledge, learning experiences, challenges and inspirations that enriched her life during this fabulous year.

Listen to this amazing episode where Dr. Michelle shares the life lessons this year has given her, hoping to inspire you to keep on stretching your comfort zone and to dare pursuing your wildest dreams.

Here are the life lessons Dr. Michelle shares in this episode :











Rethinking Menstrual Cycles:

Encountering Our Feminine Divinity in Each Stage

with Alyssa Bertram

Alyssa Bertram is the CEO and Founder of Easy Period, a service that delivers 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products right to your door and donates a portion of the profits to delivering sanitary pads to Kenyan girls. Alyssa supports the movement to end menstrual shame and promote access to safe products for all girls and women. She has a passion for empowering women and helping them fulfill their dreams.

In this fabulous episode, Alyssa shares the values and foundations of her company, promoting awareness about women’s cycles, replacing shame with honuoring women’s stages. Alyssa describes the different moments in our cycles comparing them to seasons, what energies are related to each of them, and encouraging women to embrace the different moods and feelings associated with each phase, while connecting to the beauty and power of every part of the cycle.

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] Alyssa Bertram introduces herself.

[2:15] What gave Alyssa the idea of delivering hygiene products to your door?

[4:09] The environmental standpoint of Easy Period.

[5:28] Glyphosate in women’s products.

[6:28] Fragrances and the shame of odor.

[9:04] Creating awareness.

[10:36] Creating a different conversation about our periods.

[16:14] Honoring women’s cycles.

[17:18] Menstrual cycle awareness.

[22:55] What motivated Alyssa to promote cycle awareness.

[25:01] How to tap into the right opportunities.

[27:18] Give yourself permission to say “No”.

[28:10] Learning lessons in Alyssa’s journey.

[29:53] Learning to give up control.

[31:02] Celebrating women.

[34:30] No matter what stage you are at, you always have something to offer.

[35:18] The power of sharing your story.

[37:37] Where is Alyssa’s product delivered to?

[37:56] Tips to be a better consumer of feminine products.

[39:39] What difference Alyssa’s products have made in women’s lives.

[41:40] Advice to women who seek more fulfillment in their lives.

[43:44] Alyssa’s donation project.

[46:30] Alyssa’s favorite life lesson.

[49:24] Rapid fire questions.

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Get in touch with Alyssa Bertram:

Easy Period

Alyssa Bertram

Alyssa Bertram on Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Our bodily functions inherently create an odor, we have to normalize what is natural.” #therebelpodcast #mentrualcycle #noshame

“If it is not a “Hell, yes” it’s a “Hell no!”.” #therebelpodcast #choices #passion #boundaries

“Setting boundaries is the most generous thing we can do.” #therebelpodcast #boundaries #sayno

“No matter what stage you are at, you always have something to offer.” #therebelpodcast #giving #women

“Dedicate time to do what lights you up.” #therebelpodcast #passion #choices #shine











Reclaiming the Power of Femininity During

Prenatal and Postpartum Phases

with Brigitte Kouba- Neves (Gigi Yogini) 

Gigi Yogini is joining Michelle Peris to engage in a candid and powerful conversation about women during prenatal and postpartum faces, talking about body positivity but mostly addressing the overarching ideas of women’s empowerment and wellbeing, and the importance of reclaiming the power of femininity in this particular stage in women’s lives. Topics as miscarriage, fear, faith, community, support and collaboration are being addressed while light is being shed over common myths and preconceptions about women’s experiences during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum phases.

Gigi Yogini is an E-RYT yoga teacher and wellness leader who has been teaching yoga since 2009. A passionate advocate for body positivity and women’s empowerment. Gigi is dedicated to sharing yoga as a tool for cultivating courage, building confidence and creating community. A twin mama with a Master Degree in Communication. Gigi creates opportunities for heart-centered sharing to help women navigate through the challenges and celebrations of motherhood.

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Gigi Yogini talks about her personal journey.

[5:05] Prenatal and perinatal population and body positivity.

[10:33] Community of women interacting and giving themselves permission and time to heal.

[11:42] Moving from fear into faith.

[13:20] Whatever your choice is, move in that direction with faith.

[19:01] The right of passage, the birth of the baby gives birth to a mother.

[20:14] Be your best friend.

[22:10] Fear of miscarriage and the “secrecy” of the first 12 weeks.

[25:01] The miscarriage myths. The learning in every loss.

[29:00] Step into faith because birth always has unexpected plans.

[31:16] Importance of building a team.

[32:45] Eliminate due dates!

[36:02] Sacred circles.

[40:56] Collaboration and support among women.

[41:18] Key features that makes a circle successful.

[47:29] Lesson in life that propelled Gigi forward.

[49:03] What makes Gigi rebellious?

[49:22] Rapid fire questions.

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Gigi Yogini

Gigi Yogini on Facebook

Gigi Yogini on Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Using yoga to build courage and confidence both on and off the mat.” #therebelpodcast #yoga #courage #confidence

“A postpartum belly is shameful when it was celebrated minutes before birth.” #therebelpodcast #postpartum 

“Fear and faith are two sides of the same coin, because during both you believe in something that isn’t necessarily true.” #therebelpodcast #fear #faith #beliefs

“Whatever we believe we have a tendency to manifest.” #therebelpodcast #believe #manifest

“Whatever your choice is, move in that direction with faith.” #therebelpodcast #trust #faith #choices

“Be your best friend, talk to yourself in the same way you would talk to a friend.” #therebelpodcast #kind #beyourbestfriend

“There’s a gift in every loss.” #therebelpodcast #opportunity #loss

“When you share your story other people can help you.” #therebelpodcast #share #help

“Step into faith because birth always has unexpected plans.” #therebelpodcast #faith #flexibility #trust











Your Body Can Heal Itself Organically

with Kristina Kastelanac ND

Kristina Kastelanac is a naturopathic doctor who always knew she trusted the inner ability of her body to heal, and by the age of 12, she decided she wanted to be a naturopath.

During this amazing episode, Kristina emphasize the interconnection between our bodies and emotions, and how our mind’s story and our body’s story talk to us through signs and symptoms that need to be acknowledged separately in order to avoid repeating patterns. She explains the  fight, flight and freeze responses and how to track them in your system, in order to later bring yourself back to a “rest and digest mode”.

Kristina wonderfully unpacks how the nervous system works and how we react to stress and fear. She leads the audience into a guided exercise to assist listeners in being present and acknowledging their bodily sensations and responses to their emotions. In the society we live in, people are not encouraged to really listen to their body sensations, they have  other priorities, plans and there is a tendency to push aside these valuable signs our bodies are expressing, until they become symptoms.

Kristina presents the Body Wise Insights course, and outlines the most important contents and steps in an amazing journey, in which participants learn how to unwind their nervous systems and support them settling back down.

Key Takeaways:

[3:44] How did Dr. Kristina got interested in naturopathic medicine?

[6:43] Empowering patients to uncover their own healing ability.

[7:45] Body Wise Insights.

[9:25] Neuroception: respond of the body to threat.

[10:28] Empowering ourselves to feel the fear.

[11:34] Mind’s story vs body’s story.

[15:03] The fight or flight response needs to be renegotiated.

[18:01] Body and emotions are interconnected.

[20:21] Today’s culture.

[22:03] The nervous system unpacked.

[27:30] Guided Exercise: Acknowledging bodily sensations to deal with stress.

[35:05] Exercise to realize your response to fear.

[35:25] Fight, flight or freeze.

[38:34] Why are we so disconnected from our body sensations?

[40:04] Resentment in the healing journey.

[42:51] Resilience.

[44:30] The value of connection and community.

[45:45] Energetic medicine.

[46:30] Connect with your intuition.

[48:40] The doctor’s boundaries.

[51:01] The ability of holding space.

[51:51] What is different? What’s new? What has changed?

[57:15] Rapid fire questions.

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“Your body can heal itself organically if only it is given the opportunity to do so.” #therebelpodcast #

“We are sliding up and down the scale from safe to threat.” #therebelpodcast #

“Honor your body’s story.” #therebelpodcast #

“Body and emotions are interconnected.” #therebelpodcast #

“Being connected to our body sensations was never been encouraged in our society” #therebelpodcast #

“When we lose connection we do not have as much resilience.” #therebelpodcast #

“You can only take people as far as they are willing to go.” #therebelpodcast #











Discovering the Leader in You

with Ayla Khosroshahi, MA, ACC

Ayla Khosroshahi is a master in building leaders, and this episode is all about leadership. Whether you are a CEO or the leader of your family you are going to get something very valuable from this conversation, learning how to be a leader in your own life, understanding your personal value and empowering your own skills.

During this inspiring episode, Ayla explains why leadership does not mean the same thing to everyone, the reasons why you should start with yourself in order to be a good leader, the three core approaches to leadership, the importance of holding space, and how to use your voice to connect with others effectively, among other powerful tools to unleash the leader within you.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Join the free info session at The Poppy Clinic.

[6:52] Leadership is not “one size fits all” and neither are you.

[8:01] What leadership means and how you can incorporate it in your everyday life.

[12:05] Starting to be a leader in your own life.

[12:43] Self awareness and personal accountability.

[13:58] Three core approaches, first: Engage in your “why”.

[14:35] Second: Cocreate reality.

[15:50] Third: Always connect before you correct.

[16:47] What makes Ayla so passionate about leading?

[19:02] How do you approach the situation when you feel strong emotions from someone?

[21:04] Connect with your intuition.

[23:35] Change is possible when you conduct yourself in the right way.

[27:05] How to feel safe to open up.

[27:44] Write your feelings if you can’t verbalize them easily.

[30:28] Take your time to understand your thoughts and feelings.

[32:25] Using your voice in an effective manner.

[34:42] Grounded tone of voice.

[41:35] The power of “taking a breath”.

[45:03] Create sustainable results.

[46:20] Integration is the critical element.

[48:43] Intimate + Intensive workshop.

[52:40] Rapid fire questions.

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“Leadership is how you communicate with others and how you conduct yourself.” #therebelpodcast #leadership #communication

“We all have the capacity to lead, but most of us don’t.” #therebelpodcast #leadership   

“If you want to be a leader in business, you also have to be a leader in your life.” #therebelpodcast #leadership #business #awareness #accountability

“Search for the courage under your voice.” #therebelpodcast #voice #courage #leadership

“Write your feelings if you can’t verbalize them easily.” #therebelpodcast #journal #writing #identify #emotions #holdspace #takeabreath

“Leadership is not “one size fits all” and neither are you.” #therebelpodcast #leadership #unique











Facing PCOS

with Dr. Laura von Hagen

Dr. Laura von Hagen is a naturopathic doctor, specialized in PCOS, hormonal imbalance and fertility. In this amazing episode, Dr. Laura is not hesitant to open up an show her vulnerable side. She acknowledges  that even when you have all the knowledge and the training, challenges still present themselves and they need to be faced. In her case, not having regular menstrual cycles led her to seek professional advice, and consequently to take birth control, not really knowing what was happening to her body.  After more research and consultations Dr. Laura was diagnosed with PCOS. Feelings of shame and not feeling “enough” or aligned with her femininity arose, and that was the beginning of her journey to reclaiming that divine femininity and helping other women on their own personal journeys.

Listen to this episode and acquire great resources to diagnose and treat PCOS, get an understanding of how PCOS works and how dietary changes and supplements can support your  health.

Key Takeaways:

[5:31] Dr. Laura’s personal journey.

[8:26] What attracted Dr. Laura to naturopathic medicine?

[12:13] Feeling shame.

[15:20] Not feeling like a “woman”.

[16:31] Signs of  PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

[20:03] When to get testing done?

[21:10] Coming off the birth control pill.

[21:55] Focusing on Insulin and blood sugar control.

[23:07] The right tests to take.

[25:19] A supplement that manages PCOS: Inositol.

[27:15] Changes in your diet to treat PCOS.

[28:04] Lowering testosterone levels.

[29:12] Acupuncture  and herbs for women that are not having a menstrual cycle at all.

[30:30] When birth control is an option.

[31:08] Seed and the lunar cycling.

[32:30] Frequency of acupuncture.

[33:30] Staying hopeful.

[35:01] Dr. Laura’s current state regarding PCOS.

[36:43] Using allopathic and naturopathic medicine, bringing in the best of both worlds.

[38:34] A great life lesson.

[40:35] Opening up about PCOS with friends.

[43:08] What makes Dr. Laura rebellious?

[44:27] Rapid fire questions.

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“PCOS is a metabolic syndrome.” #therebelpodcast #PCOS #metabolism

“Inositol is the best supplement to manage PCOS.” #therebelpodcast #inositol #supplementation

“It is not about taking things away, but about making better choices when preparing your meals.” #therebelpodcast #diet #choices

“When being diagnosed with PCOS allow yourself to ask more questions and seek for more options.” #therebelpodcast #PCOS #askmore

“There is not such thing as unexplained infertility, it hasn’t been properly diagnosed.” #therebelpodcast #infertility #diagnosis

“When you own your story, you get to write the ending.” #therebelpodcast #ownyourstory #empowerment











Adrenal Fatigue

with Dr. Salna Smith ND

Dr. Salna Smith is a Naturopathic Doctor whose mission is to take her patients from overwhelmed and exhausted to calm, confident and re-energized – for good. She’s been there too. Too tired to focus, disrupted sleep, weight gain and mood swings. Dr. Salna firmly believes we all deserve to have sustainable energy so we can accomplish our priorities with ease.

Dr. Salna Smith  specializes in adrenal fatigue, and in this awesome episode she is explaining what the adrenals are and how they work in relation with the functions of other systems in our bodies. She delivers great and actionable advice to start healing your adrenals, finding balance and showing up at your best to what matters the most in your life. As Dr. Salna says, “You can’t do it all and be in balance at the same time”, learn to set your priorities and slow down by listening to this amazing talk between women that have gone through challenges and struggles and made it through with the help of connection, community and empowerment.

Key Takeaways:

[5:51] Dr. Salna’s personal journey as a naturopathic doctor, mother and wife.

[9:05] Treating Adrenal Fatigue with naturopathic medicine.

[10:01] How adrenals work.

[11:30] Using naturopathic medicine to heal the adrenals.

[12:55] When you feel all the symptoms but your lab works turns out fine.

[14:33] DUTCH test.

[15:22] Cortisol and cortisone levels.

[17:05] Finding that your feelings are being validated by a test result pointing to cause.

[19:40] Sleep is crucial to balance the cortisol rhythm.

[20:18] Using botanicals.

[21:07] Slowing down exercise.

[24:25] Healthy sleep hygiene.

[27:22] Lemon balm and passion flower benefits.

[28:35] Case of a woman slowing down to rebuild her adrenals.

[31:52] Rebel Tribe in Calgary.

[37:57] Info session for Rebel Tribe, a space for connection and empowerment.

[44:30] Realizing I cannot do it all and keep the balance at the same time.

[46:00] Rapid fire questions.

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“The adrenals helps us go through the stressor.” #therebelpodcast #adrenals #stress

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“Sleep is crucial to balance the cortisol rhythm.” #therebelpodcast #sleep #cortisol

“Intense exercise can actually be stressing to your body.” #therebelpodcast #exercise #slowdown #stress

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“Have Valerian for better sleep.” #therebelpodcast #valerian #botanicals #health #sleep

“Our habits are contagious.” #therebelpodcast #habits #community

“In the absence of the village, the mother is the one who struggles most.” #therebelpodcast #community #mothers #connection

“You cannot do it all and keep the balance at the same time, it is about priorities.” #therebelpodcast #priorities #slowdown #balance #overachiever











The Breastfeeding Journey

with Dr. Alli Cain, Nikki Bergen, and Ayla Khosroshahi

In this awesome episode, three strong women share their experiences as new moms, unique moments, love, complications, challenges and the encounter with the lack of proper information and understanding about the singularity of every woman in these magical, and at the same time, intense times in the life of a woman.

Ayla Khosroshahi shares her story about the traumatic birth of her first baby that lasted 4 days, followed by a not much easier breastfeeding. Currently, she is pregnant of her second baby and preparing herself for a new experience, along with the support of professionals, family and friends.

Dr. Allie Cain talks about how an induction three weeks before term was the best possible option to deliver her baby, but even after her baby was born another complication unfolded, breastfeeding was painful and not sufficient to satiate her baby’s hunger. After many weeks of battling, Allie realized she could not breastfeed her baby.

Nikki Bergen tells the story of how she had a hard time conceiving, but finally had the natural birth she was dreaming about. Challenges started for Nikki when breastfeeding time came and it was nothing like what she expected. Also, Nikki, who already have a heart condition, was told she needed a heart surgery only three weeks after her baby was born, what  brought a new complication in the breastfeeding journey.

The question that leads this amazing conversation is ”What about the mom?”. These amazing women have some rich advice, sometimes hard to find in books and in the general professional arena. Listen to this episode and be inspired to become an advocate for yourself in order to not get lost in the postpartum phase.

Key Takeaways:

[5:50] First women round table.

[6:14] Ayla Khosroshahi introduces herself and Mindset Ninja.

[7:33] Dr. Alli Cain introduces herself.

[8:14] Nikki Bergen, The Belle Method.

[10:10] Ayla´s breast feeding story.

[15:59] Dr.Alli Cain’s story.

[32:01] What about the mom?

[36:32] Deciding to stop breastfeeding.

[42.17] Bonding with your child.

[43:31] Medicated or unmedicated birth.

[46:01] Feeling shame and failure.

[46:53] Three things they wish they knew about breastfeeding.

[48:25] Have a plan B and C.

[52:00] Receiving judgement from medical professionals.

[55:35] Find the best doctor for you, it needs to be the best fit for you.

[57:22] What make these three amazing women rebellious?

[59:37] When your baby is born, find your new self!

[1:01:04] Find support to navigate the transition after your baby is born.

[1:02:33] Rapid fire questions.

[1:07:30] Making difficult decisions.

[1:10:45] Having a supporting system for both mother and father.

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“You have to have a why in your breastfeeding journey.” #therebelpodcast #breastfeed #women #motivation

“Unmedicated birth is the key for breastfeeding.” #therebelpodcast #birth #medication #breastfeeding

“You are doing your best and what you are doing is enough.” #therebelpodcast #enough #best

“Women need to start to be self advocates in order not to get lost in the postpartum phase.” #therebelpodcast #women #advocate #postpartum

“I wish I knew breastfeeding is not always “natural” and complications can be present.” #therebelpodcast #breastfeeding #natural #real #challenges

“Find the best doctor for you, there can be a better fit if you are not feeling ok” #therebelpodcast #breastfeeding #doctor #bestfit #change











The Power of Affirmations

with Anna and Lindy from Love Powered Co.

Anna and Lindy are the founders of LOVE POWERED Co. Affirmation Cards, they are friends, soul sisters and mom entrepreneurs on a mission, and realized that together, they have a powerful message to share with the world.

Practicing positive I AM affirmations became a daily ritual in their households. Stating them changed how they felt in an instant. But more than this, they both noticed that the positive effects these statements were having on them — feeling empowered, confident, energized, inspired, motivated and at the same time, peaceful, calm and open — persisted well after they were done speaking the words.

This way, Anna and Lindy decided to uplevel people’s consciousness and enjoyment of life through their awesome affirmations. They started off doing affirmations for children, working on their self esteems and confidence, as well as working as facilitators of conversations with their families. They also created Love Powered Teen and Love Powered Fem.

In this episode Anna and Lindy talk about the science behind affirmations, how they came up with this idea, their vision, motivation, their mentors and their contribution for a better mental health and quality of living, one affirmation card at a time.

Key Takeaways:

[1:18] Broken Brain 2 docu-series.

[5:13] Using affirmations.

[7:33] How did Anna and Lindy come up with the idea of making affirmation cards?

[10:58] How did Love Powered Co. start?

[12:43] Cards help women connect to their higher selves.

[14:38] The science behind affirmations.

[16:38] Children are naturally intuitive beings and they need to get credit for that.

[17:27] Benefits of affirmations: success stories.

[20:37] How do Lindy and Anna stay motivated?

[23:10] Lindy and Anna’s mentors.

[24:40] How do they connect to universal messages?

[26:35] Staying healthy.

[27:58] How to use affirmations in daily life to cultivate the connection with our families?

[31:08] Definitions of big concepts for little people.

[33:15] Sisterhood and business.

[36:55] Advice for female entrepreneurs: act on your ideas!

[39:50] How did Anna and Lindy begin on this endeavour?

[43:10] Being brave!

[46:19] Failures are opportunities.

[48:19] Being rebellious.

[50:38] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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“Affirmations are meant to guide people on a self love journey.” #therebelpodcast #affirmations #journey #love

“Connect with your children on a daily routine through the use of affirmations.” #therebelpodcast #affirmations #connection   

“Habits are contagious.” #therebelpodcast #habits #dailypractice

“Affirmations improve resilience and promote healthy behaviour.” #therebelpodcast #affirmations #resilience #health

“Children are naturally intuitive beings and they need to get credit for that.” #therebelpodcast #children #affirmations #intuition #learn

“Being healthy is taking care of your mind and soul as much as taking care of your body.” #therebelpodcast #health #mind #soul #caring

“The same affirmation can mean different things at different times in your life.” #therebelpodcast #affirmations #life #learn

“Have the courage to act on your ideas.”  #therebelpodcast #courage #ideas #action

“Failure is a good part of life.” #therebelpodcast #failure #learning #challenge











Understanding Teenagers

with Erin TeWinkel

Dr. TeWinkel is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND). She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine after completing a degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph. Erin believes that health comes from inside out. By putting all aspects of your health into consideration, focusing on your needs to obtain optimal health, and creating a complete picture of your whole system. Erin’s mission is to empower individuals across their life cycles with a particular passion for teens.

In this episode Dr. Tewinkel talks about teens,  how to understand and to talk to them about various topics such as birth control, hormonal changes and the challenges of growing up.

These are the topics you will hear in this awesome episode:


Key Takeaways:

[3:10] Michelle introduces Dr. Erin TeWinkel.

[4:27] Dr. TeWinkel’’s personal journey in finding Naturopathy.

[7:11] Developing a passion for teens.

[9:05] Puberty and the developments associated with it.

[10:48] Identifying feelings during puberty.

[13:44] Teenagers are pushing the limits.

[15:03] Teenagers need to be listened to.

[16:30] Precocious puberty.

[17:05] We are giving the wrong food to our children.

[19:28] Teens who want to be a vegetarian or vegan.

[21:05] Connection between food and feelings.

[24:20] Learning to read labels.

[25:29] You model your children’s habits.

[26:07] Birth control.

[31:09] Men need to be educated about women’s cycles too.

[31:52] What to do when there are hormonal imbalances.

[34:01] The products that you put on your skin are filled with endocrine disruptors.

[36:08] Markers of a healthy menstrual cycle.

[37:05] PMS is not a healthy part of the cycle.

[39:30] Teaching our teens to understand and embrace their bodies.

[41:40] Rite of passage for boys and girls.

[45:05] Nutritional deficiencies and birth control.

[46:20] Teaching teens about the impact of technology in their healths.

[47:20] Socializing in a world filled of social media.

[49:30] Setting boundaries.

[52:45] Rapid fire questions.


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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Teenagers just want to be listened to, stop giving advice and telling them what they need to do.” #therebelpodcast #teenagers #listen


“We are giving the wrong food to our children, they need to eat real food.” #therebelpodcast #children #wholefood #realfood  


“Don´t give your children anything that you are going to fight to take away.” #therebelpodcast #children #choices


“If you can only do one thing for your children’s nutrition, reduce sugar.” #therebelpodcast #children #nutrition #food #sugar


“Your actions need to match your words, your children are learning from them.” #therebelpodcast #actions #model #parenthood


“Teens that have been prescribed birth control pills are more likely to also take antidepressants.” #therebelpodcast #teens #birthcontrol #antidepressants


“There are endocrine disruptors all over the products you are using and the food you are eating.” #therebelpodcast #endocrinedisruptors #food #products #hormones


“PMS is not a healthy part of the cycle.” #therebelpodcast #PMS #menstrualcycle #women

“If you can have a healthy menstrual cycle your whole life, menopause will only be a natural transition.” #therebelpodcast #menstrualcycle #transitions


“When it comes to safety and health there are things you have to veto as a parent.” #therebelpodcast #health #safety #bounderies #sayno











Seeking Balance and Connection

with Jordan Bokser

Jordan Bokser is the business growth and sales communication executive at Designs for Health.

In this episode Jordan will share how we can use supplements to optimize our health, but this talk is mainly about spirituality, masculine and feminine energies, how to balance them and the impact these energies have on relationships.

Jordan is a wild spirit, seeking for more connection and less attachment, his view on life and his perspective about its challenges will inspire you to think outside the box and get in touch with your essence.


Key Takeaways:

[3:26] Jordan introduces himself.

[5:56] Jordan’s podcast.

[7:19] Stereotypes about men and women.

[9:00] Learning Tantra.

[11:15] Being more sensitive.

[12:03] We are all the same thing, you can build a deep connection with anyone.

[16:01] Different cultures embrace people differently.

[18:07] Instagram madness.

[19:25] The social media zombies.

[20:08] Isolation.

[21:50] Building community through meditation.

[23:10] This generation does not have to leave the house to connect.

[26:50] Simulation theories.

[30:59] Meditating daily.

[32:08] Nootropics.

[32:31] Products that are selling more at Designs for Health.

[33:58] Hacking anxiety by not attaching to it.

[34:53] Buddhism is mastering your weak mind.

[37:27] Insights you can have while meditating.

[39:02] Creativeness along with the menstrual cycle.

[43:21] I just want to be able to be me.

[44:20] Feminine and masculine energies and their balance.

[46:10] Stories of Monks.

[49:27] Life is meaningless until you attach meaning to it.

[51:01] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Men are more sensitive than what we give them credit for.” #therebelpodcast #sensitivity

“The facade of toughness breaks really quickly for men, they just don’t know how to connect to their hearts.” #therebelpodcast #masculinity #tough #sensitive #heart #connection 

“Everyone wants to be loved and give love, we are all basically the same thing.”  #therebelpodcast #love #weareone

“To build a deeper connection, have genuine interest for what the other person has to say.” #therebelpodcast #connection #genuine #listen

“The sperm quality of this generation is half as good as the previous.” #therebelpodcast #sperm #generations

“When you are focused on community you are going to win.” #therebelpodcast #community #connection #isolation

“Our lives are a school and the souls get addicted to the human experience.” #therebelpodcast #souls #life #beinghuman

“Hacking anxiety by not attaching to it.” #therebelpodcast #anxiety #management #attachment

“Buddhism is mastering your weak mind.” #therebelpodcast #buddhism #mind #weak

“There is a lesson in everything, and everything is always in balance.” #therebelpodcast #lesson #balance #nocontrol











Women Who Live Out Loud with

Dr. Tara O’Brien ND

Dr. O’Brien is one of Northern Ontario’s leading naturopathic doctors. Her practice is family-oriented, with a focus on women’s health, hormonal balancing, fertility challenges, digestive complaints, weight loss, anti-aging and chronic illness. She practices evidence-based primary care medicine and believes in an integrative approach that uses multiple modalities to achieve optimal results. Tara has a great passion for empowering others to improve their own health – and thereby their quality of life – through naturopathic and functional medicine.

But in this particular episode, Dr. Tara is honoring International Women’s day. Dr. Tara shares her personal journey as a rebellious girl, supported by a family which encouraged her unique personality. Dr. Tara dives deep into the importance of the words women use to describe themselves and the impact they have over their identities and self esteem, also bringing awareness to how labels put on little girls have a life long effect on them.

Listen to this episode for profound inspiration on becoming an advocate for your own feminine power, health and bodies. Dare to challenge your self limiting beliefs and raise your voice, because as Dr. Tara says “to make peace, you have to raise a little hell”.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Dr. Tara O’Brien’s life journey.

[5:25] Being a girl who dares to challenge the status quo.

[7:30] Brave ancestors.

[11:33] A mother’s support.

[16:35] The language we choose to label girls sticks with them all their life.

[21:40] Hear the words you are using to describe yourself.

[25:27] The importance of the International Women’s Day

[28:48] Sometimes to make peace, you have to raise a little hell.

[31:20] Reality for women around the world.

[34:35] Helping women to be advocates for their health and bodies.

[40:02] You are your own boss.

[45:43] Never shut up until you get satisfaction.

[46:10] How sexist the term Hysterectomy is.

[46:45] Women are told they are crazy.

[49:40] Fear of someone breaking our little girls’ spirit.

[50:51] Women need other women in their life who will always remind them who they truly are.

[52:01] Not everyone deserves to know your story.

[59:30] It is pain that stretches us and builds resilience.

[1:02:32] Choosing the road less travelled is not easy.

[1:02:54] Choices that propelled Dr. Tara.

[1:07:58] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“You can be who you are, and not let other people’s perspectives define your energy.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #beyou #nojudgement #nolabels #authenticity

“The first 7 years of our lives are the most integral in determining how we are going to see the world.” #therebelpodcast #womensday  #girls #childhood #selfperception

“Hear the words you are using to describe yourself.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #selftalk #labels #selesteem

“Sometimes to make peace, you have to raise a little hell.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #makepeace #raisehell #speak

“Marital rape is still legal in 112 countries.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #maritalrape #womensrights

“There is no law about domestic violence in 50 countries in the world.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #domesticviolence #womensrights

“Never shut up until you get satisfaction.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #speakup

“Not everyone deserves to know your story.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #care #openningup

“It is pain that stretches us, and gives us resilience.” #therebelpodcast #womensday #resilience #pain











Own Your Potential

with Dr. Meghan Walker

Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, entrepreneur and mother. Meghan is the CEO and Co-founder of Bright Almond, and Principal with Summerhill Wellness Group. In addition, she maintains a private practice in Toronto’s downtown core, working to support the health and vibrancy of some of Canada’s most successful business leaders. As an ND, Meghan is immensely passionate about working with people to help them better understand their health, and its role in providing an empowered and superior quality of life.

Dr. Meghan Walker shares her life journey in this episode, and encourages other women to put their ideas out in the world without waiting for the courage to show up, defeating self limiting beliefs and honoring their true potential. This powerful talk propels women to put themselves first, to step out of their comfort zones and to dare living their wildest dreams.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] The value of mentorship.

[3:48] Dr. Meghan Walker talks about her journey.

[8:36] How does Dr. Walker help women to give themselves permission to do what they want?

[9:28] Craft a solution to the problem you see in the world.

[11:30] The four Cs in confidence.

[11:52] Make a Commitment.

[12:17] Have the Courage to take action.

[12:46] With Competence you earn the right to access Confidence.

[14:55] Lots of women set self limiting beliefs that prevent their goals to be achieved.

[16:25] Stepping out of the comfort zone.

[17:10] Get used to the nervousness that  facing challenges create.

[21:40] Take responsibility of your own potential.

[23:17] Women tend to put everyone first.

[24:33] Setting healthy boundaries.

[28:11] You want to have enough energy for those who matter most.

[29:23] Give people reasons.

[31:40] Three action steps to put boundaries over time.

[32:35] Systems and scheduling is the gateway to freedom.

[33:30] Label your time.

[34:22] Inventory the tasks you do on weekly basis.

[36:45] Failure is a good word!

[39:04] Measure the consequences of failure.

[40:04] Failure is the best feedback.

[40::45] What makes Dr. Meghan Walker rebellious?

[41:45] Rapid fire questions.

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“Confidence is something that is earned.” #therebelpodcast #confidence #takeaction   

“Lots of women set self limiting beliefs that prevent their goals from being achieved.” #therebelpodcast #women #selflimitingbeliefs

“When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, truly magical things happen.” #therebelpodcast #comfortzone #dare

“Take responsibility of your own potential.” #therebelpodcast #ownit #truepotential

“You can’t be authentically generous when you have poor boundaries.” #therebelpodcast #healthybounderies

“Systems and scheduling are the gateway to freedom.” #therebelpodcast #system #freedom

“Failure is the best feedback.” #therebelpodcast #failure #learning










Mental Health & Micro-dosing Psychedelics

with Dr. Talia Marcheggiani

Dr. Talia Marcheggiani is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Toronto, Canada. Talia believes in treating the cause of disease, not just symptoms, by using gentle, natural medicines to help the body return to a state of health and balance. She understands that taking the time to listen carefully to patients’ stories is essential to healing. The healing process is often a time for growth and self-discovery in her patients, that she feels privileged to witness. She focuses her practice on mental health, endocrinology and community medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Talia details how our brains work while suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. Her deep knowledge of neuroscience is combined with mindfulness practices and also with microdosing, an approach that consists in taking low doses of psychedelic drugs in order to prevent and treat symptoms of depression.

Dr. Talia talks about mental and physical barriers, that can holds us back from making the changes needed for a healthier and more balanced life.  Listen to this podcast and be inspired by this out-of-the-box conversation about neuroscience, mental health and mindfulness.

Key Takeaways:

[1:33] Michelle introduces Dr. Talia Marcheggiani.

[3:28] How did Dr. Marcheggiani start working on mental health?

[7:20] What are the barriers that are preventing people from taking action in their own lives?

[10:41] Mental and physical barriers.

[11:35] Mindfulness benefits.

[12:48] Disconnection between mind and body.

[15:29] Learning mindfulness skills for preventing depression and anxiety relapse.

[17:50] Shadow self.

[19:40] Correlation between shadow self, depression and anxiety.

[21:22] What is microdosing?

[24:00] Psychedelics for mental health.

[27:06] How do psychedelics work on the brain?

[30:00] Different serotonin receptors have different functions.

[32:25] Positive mood states reflected in the brain.

[37:30] Adrenal fatigue.

[38:04] Cortisol effects on the body.

[41:06] Antidepressants.

[43:01] Resilience as an active coping mechanism.

[47:43] Tips to deal with depression.

[56:13] Failure that Dr. Talia is grateful for.

[1:00:01] What makes Dr. Talia rebellious?

[1:01:54] Rapid fire questions.

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Dr. Talia Marcheggiani Article about Microdosing

Dr. Talia Marcheggiani ND.

Email [email protected]

Quotes and Tweetables:

“What is the benefit of staying where you are?” #therebelpodcast #justdoit #benefits #change

“Microdosing is taking small fractions of a psychedelic substance.” #therebelpodcast #microdosing #psychedelic   

“Serotonin is for sure implicated in mental health.” #therebelpodcast #serotonin #mentalhealth

“Microdosing helps people engage in more physical activities.” #therebelpodcast #microdosing #benefits #depression

“Depression is a sickness response from the body.” #therebelpodcast #depression #signs #health

“Cortisol makes your memory sharper, you can remember an stressful even much better than what for you had for breakfast.” #therebelpodcast #cortisol #stress #memory

“Setting an intention to yourself.” #therebelpodcast #intention #goals #mindfull #health











Sexual Vitality

with Dr. Kara Dionisio

Dr. Kara Dionisio B.Sc, M.Sc, is a naturopathic doctor and clinical director of Health Squad. She is on a mission to elevate medicine by adding ‘health’ to healthcare through empowerment, collaboration and logic. Dr. Kara is joining Michelle to talk about sex, and more specifically about women sexual vitality.

Sexual education, while taught in schools, tends to be limited to anatomy and diseases, but Dr. Kara is bringing joy and science together to give the best explanation about sexual matters you have ever heard so far, including interesting topics such as:

● Definition of sexual wellbeing

● Sexual dysfunction categories

● Medication that can cause sexual side effects

● Pelvic floor health

● Hormones involved in sex

● Difference between sexual desire and arousal

● Types of sexual desire

● Sexual excitement

● How to improve your sexual health

● Optimal frequency for sexual intercourse

… among other subjects! Don’t miss this amazing episode and be inspired to connect with your unique and divine femininity as a whole. No taboos, no limitations, no embarrassment, a talk among women about women’s needs and desires.


Key Takeaways:

[3:52] Dr Kara’s professional and personal journey.

[6:01] Health Squad a community of health professionals.

[6:46] Passion about sex.

[7:48] Sexual health and vitality.

[8:55] Addressing sexual trauma.

[9:50] Physical issues that can impact sexual health.

[12:01] Few people actually have sex.

[14:15] Sex is important for health.

[16:49] Pillars of health.

[17:31] Women’s sexual wellbeing.

[19:30] Human beings are the only animals that have sex solely for pleasure.

[23:27] Sexual dysfunction categories.

[25:57] Conditions that are associated with sexual health.

[28:44] Antidepressants and birth control cause sexual side effects.

[29:30] The science of sex.

[32:50] Pelvic floor health.

[34:20] The structure informs the function.

[34:30] The hormones of sex.

[37:53] Dopamine and oxytocin.

[38:48] After orgasm, the resolution face.

[40:20] Difference between desire and arousal.

[40:48] Two types of desire: spontaneous and responsive.

[42:10] In women, arousal and desire are not always in agreement.

[46:31] Science behind sexual excitement.

[51:05] Ways to improve our sexual health.

[53:30] Lose the expectation of sex and just play.

[54:17] Talking about sex to increases sexual desire.

[56:39] Understanding your menstrual cycle will help you sync with your sexual vitality.

[57:45] Frequency: once a week is the minimum necessary.

[59:32] Perceived failure that Dr. Kara is grateful for.

[1:01:19] Rapid fire questions.


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“Sex is a vital sign.” #therebelpodcast #sex   

“Sexual vitality will bring passion into the rest of your life.” #therebelpodcast #sex #passion

“For women, sexual vitality is an expression and the source of feminine energy.” #therebelpodcast #sexualvitality #women #femininepower

“It is not an issue unless is an issue for you.” #therebelpodcast #sex #unique #issues

“Abnormal function of the thyroid can have an impact on women’s sexual lives.” #therebelpodcast #thyroid #sex #women

“Antidepressants and birth control are known for causing sexual side effects.” #therebelpodcast #antidepressant #birthcontrol #sex #sideeffects

“Arousal and desire don’t always come together.” #therebelpodcast #arousal #desire #sex

“Sexual vitality depends on multiple factors.” #therebelpodcast #sex #multidetermined

“Lose the expectation of sex and just play.” #therebelpodcast #noexpectations #justplay #sex

“The opposite of depression is play.” #therebelpodcast #sex #play #depression

“Sex is adult play.” #therebelpodcast #sex #play

“A spark in any aspect of your life will create a fire.“#therebelpodcast #motivation #passion

“Communication with your partner is always going to be a foundation for sexual vitality.”#therebelpodcast #sex #communication

“Increasing the duration of sleep by one hour, increases the chances of having sex the next day by 15%.” #therebelpodcast #sleep #sex #statistics

“Frequency of orgasms in men is related to longevity.” #therebelpodcast #orgasm #frequency #men

“If you are succeeding in one aspect you are probably failing on others.” #therebelpodcast #success #failure #balance










Feminine Divinity and Fertility

with Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty

Elizabeth Cherevaty N.D. grew up receiving Naturopathic care as her family’s choice form of primary health care. Her experiences of finding health and healing through the extraordinary practitioners and unique tools of the Naturopathic profession inspired her to become a Naturopathic Doctor herself, in order to be able to help others in a similar way. Dr. Liz developed an integrative fertility program, to help women and couples overcome obstacles to pregnancy and bring their healthy, happy babies into the world. Seeing women as the epicentres of their families’ and communities’ health and wellbeing, Dr. Cherevaty’s goal is to optimize the health of mothers and mothers-to-be, leaders, go-getters and future world-changers (kids!).

This episode is all about unleashing the feminine power embedded in every woman, recognizing the factors that are influencing our mental, emotional and physical health, tackling prejudgements and overcoming the self imposed glass ceilings that are preventing us from reaching our best potential and goals. Be inspired with Dr. Liz’ story and become rebellious while connecting to the force of the divine femininity in you.

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty’s personal journey.

[4:30] Caring about emotion through naturopathic medicine.

[6:22] Growing up taking care of a garden.

[8:30] Having a grounded and intuitive power.

[10:54] Fighting the conventional belief system.

[11:30] Getting in touch with the feminine power.

[18:25] Reaching a dark point for the light to appear.

[19:11] Women’s super powers.

[20:48] Business is seen as a masculine field.

[22:43] Lack of education about the female cycle.

[23:30] Well Conceived Fertility Method Program.

[29:22] Creating clarity in patients that consult for fertility issues.

[30:28] Your body is a self healing machine.

[30:48] There is no such thing as unexplainable infertility.

[31:48] Epigenetics are modifiable.

[34:41] Getting healthy before conception.

[36:46] Dr. Elizabeth as a rebellious woman.

[39:37] Breaking through our own self imposed boundaries.

[43:23] A failure that helped Dr. Elizabeth grow.

[44:43] Rules makes Dr. Elizabeth rebellious.

[46:04] Rapid fire questions.

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Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Sometimes we need to reach the darkness for the light to appear.” #therebelpodcast #overccomingchallenges #darkness #light

“Avoid the ideas that being feminine is related to a “weaker version”.” #therebelpodcast #femininepower   

“Infertility is not just a medical issue.” #therebelpodcast #infertility #health

“Despite longevity the population is not healthy in the last generation.” #therebelpodcast #health #newgeneration

“1 in 6 couples experience fertility issues.” #therebelpodcast #infertility 

“Your body is a self healing machine.” #therebelpodcast #health #selfhealing #bodywisdom

“There is no such thing as unexplained infertility.” #therebelpodcast #fertility #infertility #unexplained

“Epigenetics are modifiable.” #therebelpodcast #epigenetics

“Trauma can show up through multiple generations.” #therebelpodcast #trauma #generations

“The female brain is designed for collaboration.” #therebelpodcast #femalebrain #collaboration












Physiotherapy and Mindfulness

with Karen San Andres

Karen San Andres is a registered physiotherapist who has been skillfully leading patients, covering the entire spectrum of athletic ability towards healing, strengthening and balance. She enjoys working with women and girls of all ages, seeing her treatment as a partnership with her patients, regardless of their age or abilities. Karen is a specialist in pelvic floor health and has a passion for assisting pregnant women in preparing for a better labor, birth and later recovery.

Karen shares her love for her career as a physiologist and also her personal journey. In the last couple of years, Karen faced difficult situations that gave her the opportunity to grow as a woman. As a result, she is now more self-loving, aware of her boundaries and pursues joy as one of her priorities.

Listen to this episode, to be inspired and motivated to begin 2019 in touch with your feminine power and allowing yourself to shine your brightest light.

Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Karen’s career briefing.

[3:23] Why does Dr. Karen dedicate most of her work to pelvic floor physiotherapy?

[5:55] Benefits of a pelvic floor assessment.

[6:26] Advancements in pain science.

[7:10] Root causes for pain in the pelvic area.

[7:56] Reconnecting the brain with the body.

[12:20] A team that takes care of the patient’s needs.

[13:33] Why do pregnant women see a physiotherapist before labor?

[17:14] Exercise after giving birth.

[18:52] Menopausal or postmenopausal women benefits from physiotherapy.

[21:06] What is a normal amount to urinate per day?

[21:30] Until the age of 50 you should be sleeping through the night without urinating.

[22:55] Two years ago Karen’s journey shifted.

[27:10] Value of a ripple effect a woman can have.

[28:05] Dealing with mom guilt.

[30:05] Healthier boundaries means knowing when to say no.

[32:22] Movement for a more balanced mental health.

[33:55] Find out how you are metabolizing hormones.

[35:06] The actual practice of medicine has been lost.

[37:58] Step out of the “all or nothing” mentality.

[39:45] A photo shoot as a gift to myself.

[42:05] Sisterhood can change with time.

[47:01] Start this new year with a fresh outlook.

[52:04] Feminine power in a team.

[53:23] What makes Dr. Karen rebellious?

[54:28] Rapid fire questions!

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“If you have painful sex, a pelvic floor assessment is the right thing to do.” #therebelpodcast #pain #sex #pelvicfloor #physiology

“Physiotherapy prepares pregnant women to have a successful delivery with no tears.” #therebelpodcast #physiology #pregnancy #notear

“You should urinate 5 to 7 times per day and it should last 10 seconds.” #therebelpodcast #health #urinate #daytime

“Until the age of 50 you should be sleeping through the night without urinating” #therebelpodcast #urinating #health

“If you are feeling drained is probably because you are not filling your cup.” #therebelpodcast #drained #mefirst 

“When you take care of yourself you have so much more to give to the world.” #therebelpodcast #tselfcare #giving

“Learn to invest in yourself” #therebelpodcast #invest #selfcare #health

“Stop punishing yourself and start feeling  joy.” #therebelpodcast #guilt #joy

“Take the chance to celebrate your success.” #therebelpodcast #celebrate #success #joy

“What are you doing that is keeping you from doing the things that you should be doing?.” #therebelpodcast #obstacles #goals

“What inspires you?” #therebelpodcast #motivation #inspiration










EPISODE 013: Finding Balance

with Dr. Andrea Maxim

Dr. Andrea Maxim is a Naturopathic Doctor, who is proficient in acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine and homeopathy. Dr. Andrea is also a mom, a wife and a business owner, she knows that balancing responsibilities, desires, and needs is not an easy task to accomplish. Big decisions must be taken along the way to honor our purposes, happiness and goals. Dr. Andrea is humbly sharing her personal and professional story, to help other women fulfil their wildest dreams. Listen to this episode and be inspired by this strong and courageous woman, who is not afraid of sharing her vulnerabilities and experiences to encourage others to live their lives to the fullest.

Key Takeaways:

[2:33] Dr. Andrea Maxim introduces herself.

[4:33] Finding the balance between work and motherhood.

[6:13] Women are doing the job of both the man and the woman.

[8:10] Maternity leave.

[12:55] Dr. Andrea’s graduation.

[13:57] Andrea always wanted to be a doctor.

[15:06] Dr. Andrea decided to open a business.

[18:43] The first couple of years in Dr. Andrea’s business.

[19:00] Doing personal work.

[21:03] Where does Dr. Andrea’s confidence come from?

[24:55] Educate your children to be flexible and adaptive.

[27:14] Creating communities.

[28:07] How can I better serve my community?

[28:52] Knowing when to say “no”.

[32:24] Trust your intuition and break through your comfort zone.

[33:25] Balancing family and business is a common struggle among women.

[35:19] Women are emotional thinkers.

[37:32] What does Dr. Andrea do when she feels vulnerable?

[42:33] Dr. Andrea’s life learning lesson.

[47:40] What makes Dr. Andrea rebellious?

[49:03] Rapid fire questions.

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Dr. Andrea Maxim

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Do not sacrifice your dreams.” #therebelpodcast #dreams

“Just because is not there now, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there.” #therebelpodcast #goals #dontgiveup 

“Look at who you admire and replicate that.” #therebelpodcast #copy #advice #admiration #rolemodels

“If I invest in me, I will always win.” #therebelpodcast #investinyourself #winwin

“Opportunities are so remarkable now, you don’t have to look for a job, you can create your own.” #therebelpodcast #opportunities #flexibility #job

“People are starving for real connections and belonging.” #therebelpodcast #isolation #connections

“If you want something, there is always a way to get it.” #therebelpodcast #goals #purposes #justdoit

“Women are emotional thinkers.” #therebelpodcast #women #emotions

“Where are the facts behind the messages you are giving to yourself?” #therebelpodcast #check #facts #selftalk

“When you stretch yourself there is pain.” #therebelpodcast #comfortzone #dare










EPISODE 013: Holistic Dentistry

with Dr. Agatha Bis

Dr. Agatha Bis has over 22 years of clinical experience, blending advanced nutrition and supplementation alongside modern dental practices to optimize health outcomes. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Bis has focused on working with complex patients who have responded poorly to conventional medical and dental treatments by seeking the root causes of their illness and guiding them on a path towards healing. Her integrative approach emphasizes the importance of listening to patients, focusing on the root causes and epidemiology of diseases, respecting biochemical individuality, and partnering with patients to make meaningful changes in their health habits.

Dr. Agatha shares great advice and information about maintaining optimal oral health. She also explains how to read the signs your gums, mouth, teeth and even your breathing, are giving you about your overall health, since there are many diseases and health conditions that can be early diagnosed through an oral examination.

Listen to this episode for a better understanding of the holistic dentistry approach and its advantages over traditional dental interventions.

Key Takeaways:

[3:44] Dr. Agatha’s journey into dentistry.

[5:14] How oral health influences overall body health?

[7:44] There are warning signs that can be seen in the mouth before they manifest in other parts of the body.

[8:23] Dr. Agatha’s in-clinic unique approach.

[9:16] Seven screenings: checks your overall health.

[10:20] There is a change in belief for people who tend towards a more holistic approach.

[11:34] Proper mercury amalgam removal.

[11:55] Supplementation is key to detoxify.

[13:00] The SMART method for removing mercury from teeth.

[13:47] What are people doing today that is negatively affecting their oral health?

[15:55] People are much more healthy now than they were before.

[17:05] Children are being recommended stainless steel teeth.

[18:20] Stainless steel crowns hold infections and bacteria in them.

[20:06] Sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.

[22:57] Nose breathing vs mouth breathing.

[25:21] Retrain breathing.

[26:11] Mouth taping as a tool for retrain breathing

[29:12] Steps to take care of your oral health.

[30:59] Water Picks for children are great when they operate them correctly.

[32:17] Foods that support oral health.

[33:01] How many times you should brush your teeth?

[33:30] When are kids ready to brush their own teeth?

[35:21] Trying things that are new and scary.

[37:40] What makes Dr. Agatha rebellious?

[38:29] Rapid fire questions.

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Diabetes has a huge impact on gums.” #therebelpodcast #diabetes #gums #holisticdentistry

“Before removing a mercury amalgam you have to prepare your body and digestive system to get rid of the mercury and get cleaned.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #mercuryamalgams #supplementation

“Look for SMART certification if you are looking for a dentist to remove a mercury amalgam.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #SMART #mercuryamalgams

“Medical insurance companies make the most money when you chose the cheapest option.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #medicalinsurance   

Medical Insurance companies do not look for your best interest.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #medicalinsurance

Stainless steel dental crowns for children are not being custom made and they attract rests of food and bacteria that gets stuck underneath them.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #stainlesssteelcrowns #bacteria

“Nose breathing creates a calmer space while mouth breathing is interpreted as a stress state.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #breathing #stress #apnea

“Gums can get inflamed as a result of mouth breathing.” #therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #gums #health #inflammation

“The most important time to brush your teeth is at night time.”#therebelpodcast #holisticdentistry #brushteeth

“If you can´t, you must!.” #therebelpodcast #dare #trynewthings











EPISODE 012: Building a Healthy Relationship

with Dr. Rishma Walji

Dr. Rishma Walji is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and PhD, she is dedicated predominantly to women’s health, mostly fertility. Dr. Risha has been working professionally in the naturopathic medicine field for over 15 years. She has tried most treatment plans on herself and worked personally with all sorts of different health care providers from different fields. She has taught at major universities across Ontario, and has also participated in and published scientific research.

During this episode, Dr. Rishma and Michelle are diving deep into relationships, couples, families, and how the challenges in communication and different parenting styles can create distance between partners and even break  relationships. Listen to this amazing talk among women who care about relationships, love, and true connection and get many tools and interesting information about real couples trying to overcome the daily challenges and stress to strengthen family bonds.

Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Dr. Rishma career briefing.

[5:41] Relationships.

[9:58] What helped Dr. Rishma develop her intuition.

[12:28] Relationship trends.

[14:25] People tend to avoid the “hard” conversations.

[15:38] Teaching people how to communicate with each other.

[16:28] Building a shared vision board.

[18:40] Can moms get in the way of dads bonding with their kids?

[21:44] Most women can function as multitaskers while men are usually more linear.

[23:43] Difficulties enjoying sex while having a baby.

[24:19] Using mindfulness for the bedroom.

[26:10] A lot of men connect physically when women tend to connect emotionally.

[27:43] Lack of proper resources to educate women about sex.

[28:55] Non verbal communication is important.

[29.11] Hugging until you relax.

[33:22] Talk to your spouse with the same love that you talk to your kids.

[34:03] Imago dialogue to help couples communicate effectively.

[36:21] How to connect better on a daily basis.

[39:31] “What I heard you said is this…did I get it right?”

[40:33] Your partner does not have to be everything for you.

[43:02] What is on a family vision board?

[49:10] Family meetings.

[49:59] Practicing gratitude!

[51:04] Be present and trust each other.

[54:16] Rapid fire questions.

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Imago Dialogue

Learn more about Dr. Rishma Walji

About Rishma

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Going through pregnancy makes your life change so much, shifting your identity.” #therebelpodcast #pregnancy #identity

“There is a general lack of communication in relationships, partners don’t know what they need and what the other needs, and there is a challenge in forming a team in a relationship.” #therebelpodcast #communication #relationships

“When partners don’t work as a whole, they end up being roommates.” #therebelpodcast #relationship

“Young babies respond differently to male energy than to mom’s softer touch.” #therebelpodcast #babies #energy 

Women can often get in the way of fathers developing their own bond with their kids and that could break a relationship.” #therebelpodcast #women #parenthood

Most women can function as multitaskers while men are usually more linear.” #therebelpodcast #women #multitask #men

“It is very important understanding what your partner needs in terms of communication” #therebelpodcast #communication #relationships

“Women should be responsible of their own orgasms.” #therebelpodcast #orgasm #sex #womensexuality

“A lot of men connect physically when women tend to connect emotionally.”#therebelpodcast #connection #women #men

“Hug until you relax to free up emotion.” #therebelpodcast #hug #emotion

“Words are clouded with emotions and expectations.” #therebelpodcast #morethanwords #expectations

“Talk to your spouse with the same love that you talk to your kids.”  #therebelpodcast #communication #partners #relationships

“Remembering how you love your partner is a huge way to connect.”#therebelpodcast #partners #connection










EPISODE 011: My Own Rebel Journey

with Michelle Peris.

This is the first solo episode! The purpose is for you to learn more about Michelle since sharing stories make us feel we are not alone in this journey. Here is Michelle’s inspiring story, one that shows how anything is possible when taking on struggles as opportunities. Resiliency and ownership took her on a long path to the creation of The Rebel Tribe were sisterhood and self care blossomed, giving women the chance to connect with other women while reaching their true selves and trusting who they are.

Key Takeaways:

[3:01] Introduction on this solo episode.

[3:38] Gratitude for tough times.

[4:33] Growing as a rebel.

[6:50] Feeling of not belonging.

[9:15] Doubting and feeling uncomfortable is the 20 year old experience.

[10:30] You are not alone.

[11:49] Starting a University for dance.

[13:07] Feeling like a failure.

[14:27] Overcoming adversity.

[15:30] Divine intervention.

[16:38] Starting to be a high achiever.

[18:15] Go hard or go home!

[19:50] Learning from others.

[20:50] Seeing a herbalist for the first time.

[23:30] Becoming interested in naturopathic medicine.

[26:45] Developing real connections.

[27:42] Working with mothers and children.

[28:08] Opening her own clinic.

[29:39] The benefits of community health.

[31:01] Moana as a transformative experience.

[34:38] You know who you are.

[35:45] Creating The Rebel Tribe.

[38:09] Finding purpose.

[40:45] How to cultivate community.

[45:15] Rapid fire questions!

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“When you own your story, you get to write the ending.” #therebelpodcast #ownership #personaljourney

You are never totally alone.” #therebelpodcast #notalone

“Sometimes you need to be pulled out of your belief system.” #therebelpodcast #challenge #beliefsystem

“Social Isolation is the number one cause of mortality, more than drinking or smoking” #therebelpodcast #socialisolation #connection 

Believe in your intuition.” #therebelpodcast #intuition

You know who you are.” #therebelpodcast #knowyourvalue










EPISODE 010: Holiday Special

with Samantha Peris.    

This episode, Samantha Peris joins Michelle to deliver the best hacks and tips for this holiday time. Sam is a holistic nutritionist and a mom, so she has plenty of suggestions for you and your family to go through the holidays and keep your healthy goals aligned; food, rest, exercise, children’s routines and even baking tips!  Remember that the most important thing is being able to enjoy the moment and the company, your presence is the best gift you can give to your friends and family!

Key Takeaways:

[2:11] Hacks and tips to manage holiday parties.

[4:38] Get rid of guilt.

[4:48] Eat before you leave or take a healthy dish.

[6:40] Stay hydrated.

[7:05] Wine tips! Chose low sugar and organic wines.

[9:20] Hydrate on soda water!

[10:30] It is about the company, enjoy the moment!

[11:44] Sleep more.

[12:16] Learn how to say no politely.

[12:53] Eat the rainbow! 80% veggies.

[13:30] Baking tips.

[15:04] Cut the sugar in half and switch it to a healthier option, not refined.

[16:42] Keep your exercise routine.

[17:38] Take care of your children keeping them away from processed foods.

[19:17] Food and sleep time.

[21:04] Try to keep your routine as regular as possible.

[21:48] Favorite Christmas memory!

[23:50] Which sister does it better?

[26:15] Listeners questions.

[26:41] Bring your probiotics, enzymes and electrolytes in case of tummy aches.

[28:48] Self care tips.

[32:03] Connecting with family with quality questions and learn about them.

[35:55] Rapid fire questions.

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Dry Farm Wines

Quotes and Tweetables:

“The best gift you can give is your presence! Don’t feel guilty, and enjoy” #therebelpodcast #guiltfree #joy #holidays

Stay hydrated, drink a glass of water after every glass of wine you drink.” #therebelpodcast #hydration #holidays

“When baking increase the fat and lower the sugar.” #therebelpodcast #holidays #fat #lowsugar

“Ask quality questions to strengthen connections with the ones around you” #therebelpodcast #holidays #connection #questions











EPISODE 009: Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

with Dr. Erica Robinson.   

Dr. Erica Robinson is a naturopathic doctor that became interested in this field of medicine after solving her own health problems with this approach. She became fascinated by hormones and weight loss later on in her life, and she has been dedicating her time in this area, leading a program that today has 100% success rate using HCG protocol.

Listen to this episode to find out how hormones influence weight loss, how leptin resistance work, what dry fasting is about, and how to achieve hormone healing. Erica explains in detail how the divine masculinity and femininity live in women and men nowadays, and the connection that the balance or unbalance between these energies can affect the hormone function. An inspiring conversation, focusing in the wisdom of the heart and the connection to our health as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Erica’s story.

[6:19] Erica’s current work in women’s hormones.

[9:10] Online program.

[11:19] Reliable program with 100% success rate.

[15:40] HCG protocol, diet to treat hormonal issues and weight loss.

[18:03] Risks for thyroid health.

[20:41] Leptin resistance, leptin is the hormone that tells you that you are full.

[21:12] Signs of leptin resistance.

[23:06] Functional tests.

[24:16] Dry fasting.

[25:58] Gain weight to heal hormones.

[28:30] Perverse eating.

[30:55] Hormonal benefits after eating uncontrolled and purposeful to gain weight.

[34:04] How does dry fasting affects your intuitive self?

[35:31] What drives Erica to share so much of her life online?

[37:28] Being selective with women that want to join the program.

[40:05] Don’t be afraid of showing up!

[41:45] Share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

[42:16] Tapping into your divine feminine and masculine energies.

[43:35] Shutting off the brain and paying attention to the heart.

[44:28] For women, acting too much according to their divine masculinity can have an effect on hormones.

[45:52] Reclaiming a balance in our femininity.

[48:02] Rapid fire questions!

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Connect with Erica…

The divine life Webinar

Erica’s website

Quotes and Tweetables:

“How are you going to lose weight if you can’t tell whether you are hungry or not?” #therebelpodcast #weightlose   

HCG protocol consists in eating a 500 calorie diet while feeding from your own body fat” #therebelpodcast #HCG

“Leptin resistance is when your brain does not respond to the message telling you that you are full.” #therebelpodcast #leptinresistance

“Dry fasting means not taking in any liquids or food, not even showering.” #therebelpodcast  #dryfasting

“When you are restricting a food for a long time you can create a perverse desire for that food.” #therebelpodcast #restriction #perversedesireforfood

“Your divine feminine energy is the access to God, to the source while masculine energy is driving, forceful, goal oriented.” #therebelpodcast #divine #feminine #masculine

“Acknowledge the conexion to the universe within your heart.” #therebelpodcast #heart

“A woman will not have hormonal balance until it is connected to her divine femininity.” #therebelpodcast #hormonebalance

EPISODE 008: Recycled Parts. The Real Story Behind Organ Donation   

with Amy Montgomery.   

Amy Montgomery was born with a rare liver condition that gradually got worse with the years. Going through many surgeries during her childhood and youth, Amy’s health, at the age of 33, reached the point where organ donation was her only option. Amy is humbly sharing her experience of the entire process, from getting to be on the waiting list for an organ, getting the call, going through the transplant to a long and painful recovery process.

Listen to this episode, get educated about organ donation in detail and be inspired by a real, authentic woman that found her strength in positivity and resilience, accepting the cards that life had dealt her and honoring life itself in every step of her way.

Key Takeaways:

[2:27] Amy introduces herself and opens up about the pediatric liver disease that she was born with.

[3:46] Living with a chronic disease.

[5:28] Having a liver transplant.

[8:04] Action steps to be on a transplant list.

[9:03] You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.

[11:04] Making sure your entire health can take the transplant.

[14:08] Receiving the call saying that there was a liver for Amy.

[17:33] A joyous message that overwhelmed the whole family.

[18:33] Having a transplant surgery and its complications.

[21:12] The recovery process after the transplant.

[22:40] Family and friend support.

[24:03] Anti rejection meds for the body not to reject a new organ.

[26:02] The simple process of becoming an organ donor.

[27:30] The family always makes the final call if the organs of the deceased person will be donated.

[29:23] Raising money.

[32:10] Your mindset is everything when you realize you are not in control.

[35:07] Rapid fire questions!

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Doctors only place you on a transplant list when they consider you are so sick that the risks after transplant are worth it.” #therebelpodcast #transplant

“You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.” #therebelpodcast #transplant #sideeffects

Beside signing up for donation, you need to tell your family that you want to be an organ donor, since ultimately the family is the one that makes that call.” #therebelpodcast #organdonor

“Liver diseases are mostly a result of the food we are eating.” #therebelpodcast #liversisease #food

“The cards that you are dealt in life are literally not in your control.” #therebelpodcast  #nocontrol










EPISODE 007:  Belonging in Medicine

with Kathryn Doyle     

Dr. Kathryn Doyle is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor who offers a general family practice with expertise in nutrition, hormone balance, and digestive health. She practices in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta alongside the expert Chiropractors and Massage Therapists at Core Health Centre.

Kathryn and Michelle dive deep into the concepts of belonging, real connections, awareness in the field on naturopathic medicine, and doctors and patients engaging and dealing in a human connection about health, respect and values. Based on the teachings of Brene Brown, Kathryn reveals the difference between belonging and fitting in, which is of crucial importance while in the means of creating meaningful bonds to people.

Listen to this rich episode about naturopathic medicine, health and real connections.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Who is Kathryn Doyle and how she got where she is?

[3:41] How Kathryn decided she wanted to be a naturopathic doctor?

[6:31] Fitting in vs belonging.

[12:37] Being a professional and finding support in the community.

[16:33] Creating a feeling of belonging in medicine.

[20:04] Patients need to be in control of their own healths.

[21:56] What are the patient’s expectations when they first visit a naturopathic doctor?

[23:16] Naturopathic doctors need to be visible and transparent.

[24:40] Cultivating a powerful relationship with patients

[28:04] Self observation is crucial.

[30:03] Human connection

[31:26] Statistics about the effect of social isolation.

[33:30] Ways of facilitating a better connection between doctor and patient.

[37:20] Rapid fire questions with Rachel.

Continue on your wild journey…

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Mentioned in this Episode

Connect with Dr Kathryn Doyle on Facebook and Instagram

My Core Health, Calgary

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, Brené Brown

Quotes and Tweetables:

“If I get to be me, I belong, if I get to be like you, I fit in.” #therebelpodcast #belonging

“Naturopathic doctors want patients to sit in the driver’s seat of their health.” #therebelpodcast #health #naturopathicmedicine

“Find yourself in the wilderness, what is it that really excites you?” #therebelpodcast #connectwithyourself

“Social isolation is the number one leading cause of mortality in the US.” #therebelpodcast #isolation #mortalityintheUS

“You can´t prescribe friends, but you can promote a meaningful connection between doctor and patient.” #therebelpodcast #isolation #connection

Relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously” #therebelpodcast #relax










EPISODE 006: Emotional Eating 

with Stephanie Dodier   

Stephanie Dodier is an emotional eating expert who teaches women to go beyond the food by first understanding why there is a desire to eat. Start by asking yourself: What is my relationship with the food I have been eating? Am I trying to fit in a model? Why am I binging? Am I numbing my pain with food?

Stephanie proposes to understand the behavior before trying to control it. This is the reason why most women tend to engage and fail in numerous diets, feeling guilty and shameful afterward, perpetuating a cycle of emotional eating.

In this podcast, you will learn about emotional and intuitive eating, what dictates your body image, and the emotions you have towards yourself. Learn concepts such as body and food neutrality, and discover a different way to see yourself. It is possible to live a life without guilt, fear, and restriction.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Stephanie Dodier career briefing.

[2:43] How Stephanie got to where she is now?

[5:06] Going beyond the food.

[7:42] Understanding the behavior before trying to control it.

[8:31] Core issues that are common to women in general.

[10:55] Traumatic events shape how we react to our emotions.

[12:13] Body image, how you engage with your physical body.

[13:44] Discover your internal nutritionist or intuitive eating.

[15:05] Babies know when to eat and when to stop, this is intuitive eating.

[18:15] Becoming neutral about food.

[21:30] A real case of an overweight woman with two overweight children.

[24:50] Body neutrality: A bridge between hating your body and body positivity.

[27:46] Failing on body “positivity”.

[31:11] Health at every size.

[34:13] Why are you chasing weight loss?

[40:01] Rapid fire questions!

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Learn more about Stephanie Dodier and take the quiz!

Stephanie Dodier’s Podcast

Stephanie Dodier on Instagram

Claim your food freedom!

Health at Every Size

Quotes and Tweetables:

“You need to understand what is driving the behavior instead of trying to control it” #therebelpodcast #reasons

“Emotional management and capacity can be taught.”#therebelpodcast #emotionalacceptance

“Intuitive eating is the ability to feel your body, and this is very difficult when you have been dieting your whole life.”#therebelpodcast #intuition #eating

“It is possible to become neutral towards food leaving fear, guilt and restriction behind” #therebelpodcast #neutrality

“We engage with our bodies in visual, affective, cognitive, and behavioral ways, that way we define if we hate, love or are neutral towards our bodies.”#therebelpodcast #bodyimage

“The relation between health and weight is not that evident, there is a healthy version of every size.”#therebelpodcast #healthateverysize

“Weight is a symptom that your body keeps on fat to protect from something that can be emotional, spiritual, mental or physical.”#therebelpodcast #weight #symptom

“Ask yourself: Am I really chasing weight loss for health or to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved?”#therebelpodcast #weighloss #reasons

“Happiness is from within not from the way you look” #therebelpodcast #happiness











EPISODE 005: All About the Vagina 

with Dr. Marnie Luck.    

Dr. Marnie Luck is a naturopathic doctor who has a special interest in digestive issues, women’s health (menopause, menstrual concerns, and fertility) and weight management.

In this episode Dr. Marnie exposes her ample knowledge about vaginas. The society we live in tend to be close minded about women’s genitals, imprinting lots of prejudgements in girls from a very young age about how they should and should not relate to their vaginas. As a result, women tend not to have good connections and knowledge concerning their vaginas, ignoring what is and isn’t normal and even essential biological aspects of their own vaginas.

Dr. Marnie discloses without shame every detail you want to know about your vagina, how often you should have testings, what is a normal discharge and even the right terminology, among other interesting data about women’s health that can be related to vaginal health.

Dr. Marnie has been called the Vagina Queen, listen to this episode and find out why.

Key Takeaways:

[1:49] Dr. Marnie’s professional and personal life briefing.

[3:07] How did the Dr. become the “Vagina Queen”?

[5:49] Basics about the vagina and the vulva.

[7:24] Using the right terminology.

[9:41] It is recommended to have a PAP exam every three years, or according to your sexual health.

[11:11] Feminine products should not be scented!

[12:08] What is normal regarding vaginal discharge?

[14:24] Characteristics of an abnormal discharge.

[16:48] Probiotics usage.

[18:43] Prepartum and postpartum women and vaginal health.

[19:36] Having a therapy dog at the clinic!

[20:58] Basics of naturopathic medicine that Dr. Kristy uses in her everyday life.

[22:45] Living for one year in Brazil, meeting different role models.

[25:47] Creating space for feelings.

[29:45] Mistakes Dr. ….is grateful for.

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Eve kit swap yourself for HPV

Get in touch with Dr. Marnie Luck

Participate in the Vagina Dialogues

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Your vagina doesn’t always have a good day.” #therebelpodcast #vagina #health

“The vagina and the vulva are not the same.” #therebelpodcast #vagina #vulva

“Naturopathic doctors can make gynecological and PAP exams.” #therebelpodcast #naturopathicmedicine

“Do not buy scented feminine products.”#therebelpodcast #noscentedproducts

“If you have no symptoms it doesn’t mean everything’s ok, chlamydia and gonorrhea are asymptomatic.” #therebelpodcast #chlamydia #gonorrhea

“We overcomplicate things, people have to go back to the simple.” #therebelpodcast #simplicity

“If it doesn’t feel right, change it.”#therebelpodcast #takeaction

“About body literacy: The vagina is not all the women’s anatomy between their legs, that would be the vulva. The vagina is the internal area, an elastic muscular tissue that is inside the body.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“Most teachers exposed to the current new curriculum did not know the difference between a vulva and a vagina.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“There are a lot of chemicals in scented products and these compounds can act as really strong estrogens, shifting your hormones. Don´t put them in your body!” #therebelpodcast #scentedproducts #hormonesshift

“Your vagina is a self cleaning oven, the discharge is made of cells of your vagina muscle membrane and bacteria.” #therebelpodcast #vaginadischarge











EPISODE 003: Sisterhood, Motherhood and Friendship with Dr. Lisa Knapper. 

Dr Lisa Knapper is a naturopathic doctor who works in the Poppy Clinic and has been practicing medicine for over 10 years. Acupuncture, meditation and grounding are some of Dr. Lisa’s contributions to the Poppy Clinic apart from being a doctor.

Dr. Lisa has always been a rebel and finds most of her support in the deep connections in her life, especially from her close group of friends. Dr. Lisa finds her motivation in being a woman among women, educating, guiding and assisting others to achieve their best health potential.

This episode is all about getting out of isolation, being strong enough to show up authentically and vulnerable in order to strengthen real connections. Listen to this episode and get closer to your tribe, you are not alone!

Key Takeaways:

[:31] The beginning in naturopathic medicine of Dr. Lisa.

[3:45] Sisterhood.

[5:32] The effects of the loss of connection with her friends.

[9:59] Taking action!

[10:44] What attracted Dr. Lisa to Rebel Tribe?

[11:56] Dr. Lisa’s most interesting experiences at Rebel Tribe.

[14:30] Mental health and its relationship with sisterhood.

[15:16] What are Dr. Lisa’s strategies for keeping her connection with friends strong?

[17:35] Discomfort in small talk.

[19:00] Being naturally calm.

[21:05] How to exercise on a daily basis when you are a working mom.

[23:19] A close community where you can feel safe: My Energy Exchange.

[25:27] Limiting the social media time.

[25:55] Night time routine.

[29:35] Joining a gym and feeling the connection with others.

[32:25] Once you are a mother you are always a mother.

[33:35] What makes Dr. Lisa rebellious?

[35:05] Gentle honesty is a must in true friendship.

[37:58] Rapid fire questions.

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My energy exchange – Group Workout

Dr. Lisa Knapper on Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” #therebelpodcast #takeaction

“Community is crucial to recover from mental health problems.” #therebelpodcast #community #mentalhealth

“Not being afraid of being open and vulnerable is the way of keeping connections strong.” #therebelpodcast #vulnerability

“Feeling safe in being vulnerable.”#therebelpodcast #safety #vulnerability

“Create space to have slow moments, don’t overschedule your day.” #therebelpodcast #slowdown

“A problem shared is a problem half solved.” #therebelpodcast #problems

“A true friendship is about being raw and authentic.”#therebelpodcast #truefriends #authenticity











EPISODE 003: Holistic Nutrition and One Woman’s Journey Going Gluten Free with Samantha Peris

Sam Peris is a holistic nutritionist and she is also my sister. She shares her

personal journey when finding that gluten was deteriorating her health, she

didn’t really realize how much inflammation gluten was creating in her body

and assumed it was “normal”. Becoming gluten free transformed her life

completely as well as helping her discover the magic of intermittent fasting.

Holistic nutrition then became her passion and career.

Listen to this episode and be inspired to start making the shifts in your diet

that will allow you to enjoy being the best version of yourself, there is no such

thing as “normal” discomfort or pain, you can get rid of the inflammation and

finally realize how great your body can feel.


Get fast action tips from Sam and find your personal recipe for a better


Key Takeaways:

[2:36] Sam’s personal journey.

[4:01] Becoming gluten free.

[9:44] Some people in Europe tolerate gluten better.

[10:34] Simple advice to start shifting your diet.

[12:53] Intermittent fasting 3 days a week.

[16:34] How to incorporate fat to your diet.

[19:27] There is no such thing as essential carbs.

[20:01] Omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, why does it matter?

[24:55] Challenges of going gluten free.

[28:51] Family and Social reaction and support.

[32:18] Sam’s program: A gluten free delivery service!

[38:28] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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Sammy & Grammy’s on Facebook and Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Find the triggers for you and pay attention to your own body.” #therebelpodcast #listentoyourbody

“Intermittent fasting starting to leave 12 hour period between meals.” #therebelpodcast #intermittentfasting

“Individual who fast live longer.” #therebelpodcast #longevity #fasting

“Oatmeal is a great way to incorporate fat into your diet.” #therebelpodcast #oatmeal #fat

“Fat helps you absorb nutrients and feel full.” #therebelpodcast #fat #healthyfat #nutrients

“Omega 6 are extremely imbalanced and proinflammatory.” #therebelpodcast #Omega6 #omega3

“Fish, flax and chia are all great sources of Omega 3.” #therebelpodcast #omega3sources

“While intermittent fasting you are shifting your system into a fat burner.” #therebelpodcast #fatburner #fasting

“I’d rather fast than eat gluten.”#therebelpodcast #fast #glutenfree













EPISODE 002: Doing Better by Thinking Better

       with Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi 

I am honored to have Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi in this episode, he is the other half of MindShift Ninja (check the first podcast and find out about Dr.Ayla, the co- founder!). Dr Yashar is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Brain-Based Executive Coach who trains people to overcome physical and mental obstacles to reach peak performance.

This inspiring episode will help you connect first with yourself and your purpose before trying to correct yourself. Dr. Yashar highlights the power of true connections and the awesome impact that has on every human being; this is the foundation to become a real leader, it is not about knowing all the answers or believing there is such thing as perfection.

Evolution is the only constant variable, everything changes, and  it is in our nature to shift and transform to become the best version of ourselves. Find the courage and tools to get unstuck, free yourself from old patterns, as Dr. Yashar says use the challenge as a compass towards significance!

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] How Dr. Yashar got where he is today and what is he doing today?

[4:32] Mental perspective is everything.

[5:25] Negative vice based on fear.

[6:39] What is your deeper purpose?

[8:33] Start shifting to positivity and less catastrophic thinking.

[9:04] How can we start doing better by thinking better?

[9:29] Intentional thinking.

[11:12] Connect with yourself first!

[12:20] Become yourself investigator, look for patterns and start reframing.

[15:05] How to get out of the patterns when you feel stuck.

[17:40] Take action!

[21:44] Connecting people to their purpose.

[25:30] Remind yourself about your intention as often as you can.

[28:08] First stepping stones in becoming aware of your choices.

[29:05] Perfection is a myth, evolution is what was given to us.

[32:21] The crucial importance of true connections.

[36:01] Be in peace with not knowing all the answers.

[36:45] How becoming a father changed Dr. Yashar´s perspective.

[39:44] Create a space to be selfish.

[40:24] Give your children choices.

[43:17] The most rebellious thing Dr. Yashar does is to take care of himself.

[44:10] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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MindShift Ninja

Connect with Dr. Yashar

Using Social Media to Connect with Dr. Yashar? Go to @drkndcoach.

Quotes and Tweetables

“As human beings we are wired to evolution and to get better.” #therebelpodcast #evolution

“We have to find the meaning in the struggle and in the fear, find the purpose to show up to the challenge.” #therebelpodcast #purpose #meaning #challenge

“Ask yourself first what is your purpose before asking how will you make the change.” #therebelpodcast #purposefirst

“Let’s connect before we correct.” #therebelpodcast  #connection

“Use challenge as a compass towards significance.”#therebelpodcast #challenge #significance

“What is the obstacle within you that prevents you to be the best version of yourself?” #therebelpodcast #obstacles #beingyou #loveyourself

“Leadership is not a title, is a way of being.”#therebelpodcast #leadership

“As a leader you have to be transparent about your struggles, perfection is a myth.” #therebelpodcast #vulnerability #struggles #leadership

“Personality depends on the environment, change is possible and evolution is the constant variable.”#therebelpodcast #personality #environment #evolution

“Connection gives people the bravery they need to take action in their lives.” #therebelpodcast #connection #takeaction

“Give your children choices as much as you can, they have a voice that needs to be heard.”#therebelpodcast #children #parenting #choices












EPISODE 001: From Mindset to Motherhood

with Ayla Khosroshahi MA, ACC.


On this first episode, I am excited to have Ayla Khosroshahi with me, an authentic woman, who is not afraid to share her vulnerability and courage. To listen to the experiences she went through in her career and her personal life, will inspire you to face everyday challenges in a professional level and as a real woman on this Earth today.

Ayla describes herself with a poem: “A pinch of here, a dash of there, some of this, and a lot of that, none of those, but too many of these. I work with a mix of head, heart + hands, here I am an artist.”.  Ayla is also the co founder of MINDSHIFT NINJA , she is a strategist and a Brain-Based Executive Coach.  MINDSHIFT NINJA focuses on optimizing human performance, an empowered team, and inspired leadership. Ayla, along with her brother, Yashar, combine the neurosciences, psychology, strategic planning, and mindfulness techniques to empower individuals and groups to do better by thinking better.

Ayla is also a mother, who has gone through a traumatic birth experience. Listen to this episode and find out how she struggled and managed to make it through, becoming  more resilient and wise, acknowledging the hard truth of the distance between expectations and reality in motherhood.

The Rebel Talk is all about real woman who aspire to become the best version of themselves so this conversation with Ayla is nothing less than the perfect representation of the soul of The Rebel Talk. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What is Mindshift Ninja about?

[3:45] Who is Ayla Khosroshahi?

[5:38] Bringing the importance of mindset in business and teams.

[7:21] I do better if I think better.

[8:50] Different tools used with  team member or with individuals.

[9:15] Each person needs a different approach.

[12:19] Curiosity: Creativity meets intuition.

[13:47] Our brain works best when balancing creativity and structure.

[14:33] You need rest, silence and play.

[15:50] How to introduce play in your daily life.

[22:12] Showing up as your best self everyday.

[25:15] Getting ready to have a child, expectation vs reality.

[32:05] Find your own goal and motivation.

[34:10] Find the strength to say “no”.

[37:24] Post Traumatic Stress after a very difficult delivery.

[40:27] Injustice makes Ayla rebellious.

[41:28] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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MindShift Ninja

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Your brain is the tool that determines how you show up.” #therebelpodcast #brain #showup

“You do better when you think better.” #therebelpodcast #thinkbetter

“Curiosity, when creativity meets intuition.” #therebelpodcast #curiosity #creativity #intuition

“Our brain loves structure but it also needs freedom.” #therebelpodcast #brain #balance

“Use your brain to override your body. ”#therebelpodcast #brainoverbody