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EPISODE 009: Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

with Dr. Erica Robinson.   

Dr. Erica Robinson is a naturopathic doctor that became interested in this field of medicine after solving her own health problems with this approach. She became fascinated by hormones and weight loss later on in her life, and she has been dedicating her time in this area, leading a program that today has 100% success rate using HCG protocol.

Listen to this episode to find out how hormones influence weight loss, how leptin resistance work, what dry fasting is about, and how to achieve hormone healing. Erica explains in detail how the divine masculinity and femininity live in women and men nowadays, and the connection that the balance or unbalance between these energies can affect the hormone function. An inspiring conversation, focusing in the wisdom of the heart and the connection to our health as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Erica’s story.

[6:19] Erica’s current work in women’s hormones.

[9:10] Online program.

[11:19] Reliable program with 100% success rate.

[15:40] HCG protocol, diet to treat hormonal issues and weight loss.

[18:03] Risks for thyroid health.

[20:41] Leptin resistance, leptin is the hormone that tells you that you are full.

[21:12] Signs of leptin resistance.

[23:06] Functional tests.

[24:16] Dry fasting.

[25:58] Gain weight to heal hormones.

[28:30] Perverse eating.

[30:55] Hormonal benefits after eating uncontrolled and purposeful to gain weight.

[34:04] How does dry fasting affects your intuitive self?

[35:31] What drives Erica to share so much of her life online?

[37:28] Being selective with women that want to join the program.

[40:05] Don’t be afraid of showing up!

[41:45] Share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

[42:16] Tapping into your divine feminine and masculine energies.

[43:35] Shutting off the brain and paying attention to the heart.

[44:28] For women, acting too much according to their divine masculinity can have an effect on hormones.

[45:52] Reclaiming a balance in our femininity.

[48:02] Rapid fire questions!

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Connect with Erica…

The divine life Webinar

Erica’s website

Quotes and Tweetables:

“How are you going to lose weight if you can’t tell whether you are hungry or not?” #therebelpodcast #weightlose   

HCG protocol consists in eating a 500 calorie diet while feeding from your own body fat” #therebelpodcast #HCG

“Leptin resistance is when your brain does not respond to the message telling you that you are full.” #therebelpodcast #leptinresistance

“Dry fasting means not taking in any liquids or food, not even showering.” #therebelpodcast  #dryfasting

“When you are restricting a food for a long time you can create a perverse desire for that food.” #therebelpodcast #restriction #perversedesireforfood

“Your divine feminine energy is the access to God, to the source while masculine energy is driving, forceful, goal oriented.” #therebelpodcast #divine #feminine #masculine

“Acknowledge the conexion to the universe within your heart.” #therebelpodcast #heart

“A woman will not have hormonal balance until it is connected to her divine femininity.” #therebelpodcast #hormonebalance

EPISODE 008: Recycled Parts. The Real Story Behind Organ Donation   

with Amy Montgomery.   

Amy Montgomery was born with a rare liver condition that gradually got worse with the years. Going through many surgeries during her childhood and youth, Amy’s health, at the age of 33, reached the point where organ donation was her only option. Amy is humbly sharing her experience of the entire process, from getting to be on the waiting list for an organ, getting the call, going through the transplant to a long and painful recovery process.

Listen to this episode, get educated about organ donation in detail and be inspired by a real, authentic woman that found her strength in positivity and resilience, accepting the cards that life had dealt her and honoring life itself in every step of her way.

Key Takeaways:

[2:27] Amy introduces herself and opens up about the pediatric liver disease that she was born with.

[3:46] Living with a chronic disease.

[5:28] Having a liver transplant.

[8:04] Action steps to be on a transplant list.

[9:03] You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.

[11:04] Making sure your entire health can take the transplant.

[14:08] Receiving the call saying that there was a liver for Amy.

[17:33] A joyous message that overwhelmed the whole family.

[18:33] Having a transplant surgery and its complications.

[21:12] The recovery process after the transplant.

[22:40] Family and friend support.

[24:03] Anti rejection meds for the body not to reject a new organ.

[26:02] The simple process of becoming an organ donor.

[27:30] The family always makes the final call if the organs of the deceased person will be donated.

[29:23] Raising money.

[32:10] Your mindset is everything when you realize you are not in control.

[35:07] Rapid fire questions!

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Doctors only place you on a transplant list when they consider you are so sick that the risks after transplant are worth it.” #therebelpodcast #transplant

“You almost get a new disease after you get a transplant.” #therebelpodcast #transplant #sideeffects

Beside signing up for donation, you need to tell your family that you want to be an organ donor, since ultimately the family is the one that makes that call.” #therebelpodcast #organdonor

“Liver diseases are mostly a result of the food we are eating.” #therebelpodcast #liversisease #food

“The cards that you are dealt in life are literally not in your control.” #therebelpodcast  #nocontrol










EPISODE 007:  Belonging in Medicine

with Kathryn Doyle     

Dr. Kathryn Doyle is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor who offers a general family practice with expertise in nutrition, hormone balance, and digestive health. She practices in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta alongside the expert Chiropractors and Massage Therapists at Core Health Centre.

Kathryn and Michelle dive deep into the concepts of belonging, real connections, awareness in the field on naturopathic medicine, and doctors and patients engaging and dealing in a human connection about health, respect and values. Based on the teachings of Brene Brown, Kathryn reveals the difference between belonging and fitting in, which is of crucial importance while in the means of creating meaningful bonds to people.

Listen to this rich episode about naturopathic medicine, health and real connections.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Who is Kathryn Doyle and how she got where she is?

[3:41] How Kathryn decided she wanted to be a naturopathic doctor?

[6:31] Fitting in vs belonging.

[12:37] Being a professional and finding support in the community.

[16:33] Creating a feeling of belonging in medicine.

[20:04] Patients need to be in control of their own healths.

[21:56] What are the patient’s expectations when they first visit a naturopathic doctor?

[23:16] Naturopathic doctors need to be visible and transparent.

[24:40] Cultivating a powerful relationship with patients

[28:04] Self observation is crucial.

[30:03] Human connection

[31:26] Statistics about the effect of social isolation.

[33:30] Ways of facilitating a better connection between doctor and patient.

[37:20] Rapid fire questions with Rachel.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Connect with Dr Kathryn Doyle on Facebook and Instagram

My Core Health, Calgary

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, Brené Brown

Quotes and Tweetables:

“If I get to be me, I belong, if I get to be like you, I fit in.” #therebelpodcast #belonging

“Naturopathic doctors want patients to sit in the driver’s seat of their health.” #therebelpodcast #health #naturopathicmedicine

“Find yourself in the wilderness, what is it that really excites you?” #therebelpodcast #connectwithyourself

“Social isolation is the number one leading cause of mortality in the US.” #therebelpodcast #isolation #mortalityintheUS

“You can´t prescribe friends, but you can promote a meaningful connection between doctor and patient.” #therebelpodcast #isolation #connection

Relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously” #therebelpodcast #relax










EPISODE 006: Emotional Eating 

with Stephanie Dodier   

Stephanie Dodier is an emotional eating expert who teaches women to go beyond the food by first understanding why there is a desire to eat. Start by asking yourself: What is my relationship with the food I have been eating? Am I trying to fit in a model? Why am I binging? Am I numbing my pain with food?

Stephanie proposes to understand the behavior before trying to control it. This is the reason why most women tend to engage and fail in numerous diets, feeling guilty and shameful afterward, perpetuating a cycle of emotional eating.

In this podcast, you will learn about emotional and intuitive eating, what dictates your body image, and the emotions you have towards yourself. Learn concepts such as body and food neutrality, and discover a different way to see yourself. It is possible to live a life without guilt, fear, and restriction.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Stephanie Dodier career briefing.

[2:43] How Stephanie got to where she is now?

[5:06] Going beyond the food.

[7:42] Understanding the behavior before trying to control it.

[8:31] Core issues that are common to women in general.

[10:55] Traumatic events shape how we react to our emotions.

[12:13] Body image, how you engage with your physical body.

[13:44] Discover your internal nutritionist or intuitive eating.

[15:05] Babies know when to eat and when to stop, this is intuitive eating.

[18:15] Becoming neutral about food.

[21:30] A real case of an overweight woman with two overweight children.

[24:50] Body neutrality: A bridge between hating your body and body positivity.

[27:46] Failing on body “positivity”.

[31:11] Health at every size.

[34:13] Why are you chasing weight loss?

[40:01] Rapid fire questions!

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Learn more about Stephanie Dodier and take the quiz!

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Stephanie Dodier on Instagram

Claim your food freedom!

Health at Every Size

Quotes and Tweetables:

“You need to understand what is driving the behavior instead of trying to control it” #therebelpodcast #reasons

“Emotional management and capacity can be taught.”#therebelpodcast #emotionalacceptance

“Intuitive eating is the ability to feel your body, and this is very difficult when you have been dieting your whole life.”#therebelpodcast #intuition #eating

“It is possible to become neutral towards food leaving fear, guilt and restriction behind” #therebelpodcast #neutrality

“We engage with our bodies in visual, affective, cognitive, and behavioral ways, that way we define if we hate, love or are neutral towards our bodies.”#therebelpodcast #bodyimage

“The relation between health and weight is not that evident, there is a healthy version of every size.”#therebelpodcast #healthateverysize

“Weight is a symptom that your body keeps on fat to protect from something that can be emotional, spiritual, mental or physical.”#therebelpodcast #weight #symptom

“Ask yourself: Am I really chasing weight loss for health or to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved?”#therebelpodcast #weighloss #reasons

“Happiness is from within not from the way you look” #therebelpodcast #happiness











EPISODE 005: All About the Vagina 

with Dr. Marnie Luck.    

Dr. Marnie Luck is a naturopathic doctor who has a special interest in digestive issues, women’s health (menopause, menstrual concerns, and fertility) and weight management.

In this episode Dr. Marnie exposes her ample knowledge about vaginas. The society we live in tend to be close minded about women’s genitals, imprinting lots of prejudgements in girls from a very young age about how they should and should not relate to their vaginas. As a result, women tend not to have good connections and knowledge concerning their vaginas, ignoring what is and isn’t normal and even essential biological aspects of their own vaginas.

Dr. Marnie discloses without shame every detail you want to know about your vagina, how often you should have testings, what is a normal discharge and even the right terminology, among other interesting data about women’s health that can be related to vaginal health.

Dr. Marnie has been called the Vagina Queen, listen to this episode and find out why.

Key Takeaways:

[1:49] Dr. Marnie’s professional and personal life briefing.

[3:07] How did the Dr. become the “Vagina Queen”?

[5:49] Basics about the vagina and the vulva.

[7:24] Using the right terminology.

[9:41] It is recommended to have a PAP exam every three years, or according to your sexual health.

[11:11] Feminine products should not be scented!

[12:08] What is normal regarding vaginal discharge?

[14:24] Characteristics of an abnormal discharge.

[16:48] Probiotics usage.

[18:43] Prepartum and postpartum women and vaginal health.

[19:36] Having a therapy dog at the clinic!

[20:58] Basics of naturopathic medicine that Dr. Kristy uses in her everyday life.

[22:45] Living for one year in Brazil, meeting different role models.

[25:47] Creating space for feelings.

[29:45] Mistakes Dr. ….is grateful for.

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Get in touch with Dr. Marnie Luck

Participate in the Vagina Dialogues

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Your vagina doesn’t always have a good day.” #therebelpodcast #vagina #health

“The vagina and the vulva are not the same.” #therebelpodcast #vagina #vulva

“Naturopathic doctors can make gynecological and PAP exams.” #therebelpodcast #naturopathicmedicine

“Do not buy scented feminine products.”#therebelpodcast #noscentedproducts

“If you have no symptoms it doesn’t mean everything’s ok, chlamydia and gonorrhea are asymptomatic.” #therebelpodcast #chlamydia #gonorrhea

“We overcomplicate things, people have to go back to the simple.” #therebelpodcast #simplicity

“If it doesn’t feel right, change it.”#therebelpodcast #takeaction

“About body literacy: The vagina is not all the women’s anatomy between their legs, that would be the vulva. The vagina is the internal area, an elastic muscular tissue that is inside the body.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“Most teachers exposed to the current new curriculum did not know the difference between a vulva and a vagina.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“There are a lot of chemicals in scented products and these compounds can act as really strong estrogens, shifting your hormones. Don´t put them in your body!” #therebelpodcast #scentedproducts #hormonesshift

“Your vagina is a self cleaning oven, the discharge is made of cells of your vagina muscle membrane and bacteria.” #therebelpodcast #vaginadischarge











EPISODE 003: Sisterhood, Motherhood and Friendship with Dr. Lisa Knapper. 

Dr Lisa Knapper is a naturopathic doctor who works in the Poppy Clinic and has been practicing medicine for over 10 years. Acupuncture, meditation and grounding are some of Dr. Lisa’s contributions to the Poppy Clinic apart from being a doctor.

Dr. Lisa has always been a rebel and finds most of her support in the deep connections in her life, especially from her close group of friends. Dr. Lisa finds her motivation in being a woman among women, educating, guiding and assisting others to achieve their best health potential.

This episode is all about getting out of isolation, being strong enough to show up authentically and vulnerable in order to strengthen real connections. Listen to this episode and get closer to your tribe, you are not alone!

Key Takeaways:

[:31] The beginning in naturopathic medicine of Dr. Lisa.

[3:45] Sisterhood.

[5:32] The effects of the loss of connection with her friends.

[9:59] Taking action!

[10:44] What attracted Dr. Lisa to Rebel Tribe?

[11:56] Dr. Lisa’s most interesting experiences at Rebel Tribe.

[14:30] Mental health and its relationship with sisterhood.

[15:16] What are Dr. Lisa’s strategies for keeping her connection with friends strong?

[17:35] Discomfort in small talk.

[19:00] Being naturally calm.

[21:05] How to exercise on a daily basis when you are a working mom.

[23:19] A close community where you can feel safe: My Energy Exchange.

[25:27] Limiting the social media time.

[25:55] Night time routine.

[29:35] Joining a gym and feeling the connection with others.

[32:25] Once you are a mother you are always a mother.

[33:35] What makes Dr. Lisa rebellious?

[35:05] Gentle honesty is a must in true friendship.

[37:58] Rapid fire questions.

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My energy exchange – Group Workout

Dr. Lisa Knapper on Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” #therebelpodcast #takeaction

“Community is crucial to recover from mental health problems.” #therebelpodcast #community #mentalhealth

“Not being afraid of being open and vulnerable is the way of keeping connections strong.” #therebelpodcast #vulnerability

“Feeling safe in being vulnerable.”#therebelpodcast #safety #vulnerability

“Create space to have slow moments, don’t overschedule your day.” #therebelpodcast #slowdown

“A problem shared is a problem half solved.” #therebelpodcast #problems

“A true friendship is about being raw and authentic.”#therebelpodcast #truefriends #authenticity











EPISODE 003: Holistic Nutrition and One Woman’s Journey Going Gluten Free with Samantha Peris

Sam Peris is a holistic nutritionist and she is also my sister. She shares her

personal journey when finding that gluten was deteriorating her health, she

didn’t really realize how much inflammation gluten was creating in her body

and assumed it was “normal”. Becoming gluten free transformed her life

completely as well as helping her discover the magic of intermittent fasting.

Holistic nutrition then became her passion and career.

Listen to this episode and be inspired to start making the shifts in your diet

that will allow you to enjoy being the best version of yourself, there is no such

thing as “normal” discomfort or pain, you can get rid of the inflammation and

finally realize how great your body can feel.


Get fast action tips from Sam and find your personal recipe for a better


Key Takeaways:

[2:36] Sam’s personal journey.

[4:01] Becoming gluten free.

[9:44] Some people in Europe tolerate gluten better.

[10:34] Simple advice to start shifting your diet.

[12:53] Intermittent fasting 3 days a week.

[16:34] How to incorporate fat to your diet.

[19:27] There is no such thing as essential carbs.

[20:01] Omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, why does it matter?

[24:55] Challenges of going gluten free.

[28:51] Family and Social reaction and support.

[32:18] Sam’s program: A gluten free delivery service!

[38:28] Rapid fire questions.

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Sammy & Grammy’s on Facebook and Instagram

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Find the triggers for you and pay attention to your own body.” #therebelpodcast #listentoyourbody

“Intermittent fasting starting to leave 12 hour period between meals.” #therebelpodcast #intermittentfasting

“Individual who fast live longer.” #therebelpodcast #longevity #fasting

“Oatmeal is a great way to incorporate fat into your diet.” #therebelpodcast #oatmeal #fat

“Fat helps you absorb nutrients and feel full.” #therebelpodcast #fat #healthyfat #nutrients

“Omega 6 are extremely imbalanced and proinflammatory.” #therebelpodcast #Omega6 #omega3

“Fish, flax and chia are all great sources of Omega 3.” #therebelpodcast #omega3sources

“While intermittent fasting you are shifting your system into a fat burner.” #therebelpodcast #fatburner #fasting

“I’d rather fast than eat gluten.”#therebelpodcast #fast #glutenfree













EPISODE 002: Doing Better by Thinking Better

       with Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi 

I am honored to have Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi in this episode, he is the other half of MindShift Ninja (check the first podcast and find out about Dr.Ayla, the co- founder!). Dr Yashar is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Brain-Based Executive Coach who trains people to overcome physical and mental obstacles to reach peak performance.

This inspiring episode will help you connect first with yourself and your purpose before trying to correct yourself. Dr. Yashar highlights the power of true connections and the awesome impact that has on every human being; this is the foundation to become a real leader, it is not about knowing all the answers or believing there is such thing as perfection.

Evolution is the only constant variable, everything changes, and  it is in our nature to shift and transform to become the best version of ourselves. Find the courage and tools to get unstuck, free yourself from old patterns, as Dr. Yashar says use the challenge as a compass towards significance!

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] How Dr. Yashar got where he is today and what is he doing today?

[4:32] Mental perspective is everything.

[5:25] Negative vice based on fear.

[6:39] What is your deeper purpose?

[8:33] Start shifting to positivity and less catastrophic thinking.

[9:04] How can we start doing better by thinking better?

[9:29] Intentional thinking.

[11:12] Connect with yourself first!

[12:20] Become yourself investigator, look for patterns and start reframing.

[15:05] How to get out of the patterns when you feel stuck.

[17:40] Take action!

[21:44] Connecting people to their purpose.

[25:30] Remind yourself about your intention as often as you can.

[28:08] First stepping stones in becoming aware of your choices.

[29:05] Perfection is a myth, evolution is what was given to us.

[32:21] The crucial importance of true connections.

[36:01] Be in peace with not knowing all the answers.

[36:45] How becoming a father changed Dr. Yashar´s perspective.

[39:44] Create a space to be selfish.

[40:24] Give your children choices.

[43:17] The most rebellious thing Dr. Yashar does is to take care of himself.

[44:10] Rapid fire questions.

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MindShift Ninja

Connect with Dr. Yashar

Using Social Media to Connect with Dr. Yashar? Go to @drkndcoach.

Quotes and Tweetables

“As human beings we are wired to evolution and to get better.” #therebelpodcast #evolution

“We have to find the meaning in the struggle and in the fear, find the purpose to show up to the challenge.” #therebelpodcast #purpose #meaning #challenge

“Ask yourself first what is your purpose before asking how will you make the change.” #therebelpodcast #purposefirst

“Let’s connect before we correct.” #therebelpodcast  #connection

“Use challenge as a compass towards significance.”#therebelpodcast #challenge #significance

“What is the obstacle within you that prevents you to be the best version of yourself?” #therebelpodcast #obstacles #beingyou #loveyourself

“Leadership is not a title, is a way of being.”#therebelpodcast #leadership

“As a leader you have to be transparent about your struggles, perfection is a myth.” #therebelpodcast #vulnerability #struggles #leadership

“Personality depends on the environment, change is possible and evolution is the constant variable.”#therebelpodcast #personality #environment #evolution

“Connection gives people the bravery they need to take action in their lives.” #therebelpodcast #connection #takeaction

“Give your children choices as much as you can, they have a voice that needs to be heard.”#therebelpodcast #children #parenting #choices












EPISODE 001: From Mindset to Motherhood

with Ayla Khosroshahi MA, ACC.


On this first episode, I am excited to have Ayla Khosroshahi with me, an authentic woman, who is not afraid to share her vulnerability and courage. To listen to the experiences she went through in her career and her personal life, will inspire you to face everyday challenges in a professional level and as a real woman on this Earth today.

Ayla describes herself with a poem: “A pinch of here, a dash of there, some of this, and a lot of that, none of those, but too many of these. I work with a mix of head, heart + hands, here I am an artist.”.  Ayla is also the co founder of MINDSHIFT NINJA , she is a strategist and a Brain-Based Executive Coach.  MINDSHIFT NINJA focuses on optimizing human performance, an empowered team, and inspired leadership. Ayla, along with her brother, Yashar, combine the neurosciences, psychology, strategic planning, and mindfulness techniques to empower individuals and groups to do better by thinking better.

Ayla is also a mother, who has gone through a traumatic birth experience. Listen to this episode and find out how she struggled and managed to make it through, becoming  more resilient and wise, acknowledging the hard truth of the distance between expectations and reality in motherhood.

The Rebel Talk is all about real woman who aspire to become the best version of themselves so this conversation with Ayla is nothing less than the perfect representation of the soul of The Rebel Talk. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What is Mindshift Ninja about?

[3:45] Who is Ayla Khosroshahi?

[5:38] Bringing the importance of mindset in business and teams.

[7:21] I do better if I think better.

[8:50] Different tools used with  team member or with individuals.

[9:15] Each person needs a different approach.

[12:19] Curiosity: Creativity meets intuition.

[13:47] Our brain works best when balancing creativity and structure.

[14:33] You need rest, silence and play.

[15:50] How to introduce play in your daily life.

[22:12] Showing up as your best self everyday.

[25:15] Getting ready to have a child, expectation vs reality.

[32:05] Find your own goal and motivation.

[34:10] Find the strength to say “no”.

[37:24] Post Traumatic Stress after a very difficult delivery.

[40:27] Injustice makes Ayla rebellious.

[41:28] Rapid fire questions.

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MindShift Ninja

Quotes and Tweetables:

“Your brain is the tool that determines how you show up.” #therebelpodcast #brain #showup

“You do better when you think better.” #therebelpodcast #thinkbetter

“Curiosity, when creativity meets intuition.” #therebelpodcast #curiosity #creativity #intuition

“Our brain loves structure but it also needs freedom.” #therebelpodcast #brain #balance

“Use your brain to override your body. ”#therebelpodcast #brainoverbody