Tis the season to enjoy all things pumpkin!  I had some pumpkin puree left over from this stellar dessert I made for thanksgiving (I will post it as well) so I whipped up a little breakfast treat.  In previous years, pumpkin has not something that I have been all that comfortable baking with or swapping it in a recipes as an alternative so I haven’t used it all that much.  However, this year I have made delicious desserts, eaten pumpkin pancakes and made smoothies with it- so bring it on!  

Now if we were talking pumpkin seeds, that is a different story…  I am a major fan of all things pumpkin seeds; butter and well, the seed (I guess that about sums it up) 😉  nonetheless I can’t get enough of it.  I use it in all my baked goods as an alternative to peanut butter, smear it on apple slices or sometimes just straight out of the jar- clearly I am a little obsessed.  

I even learned how to make my own pumpkin puree this year (it’s quite easy actually)

Here is what I did:


1)   Set oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit 

2)   Slice pie pumpkin in half, remove all the seeds and guts

3)   place on a cookie sheet facing down and let roast for 45-60 minutes, until soft 

photo 1

4)   Remove the skin and add the pumpkin into a food processor 

Voila! Homemade pumpkin puree, so simple and absolutely delicious!

This year I am impressed with all things pumpkin.  I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I did.  

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With love & food,