I mean I had devoured all the research, on an intellectual level it made sense.  If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past.  I have a negative narrative that protects me from the painful hurts of the past.  There have been times in my life where sisterhood wasn’t nourishing and .

For many years I spent a lot of time alone, because the pain of being hurt again was too much and I was unwilling to do it again.

Then I met my people.  People along the way to loved and accepted me for who I am and life got a little sweeter and a lot more fun. 

I started to trust a little more and yet this narrative would creep up when triggers would arise.

Fast forward many, many years I started Rebel Tribe, partly because consciously the research added up and was highly motivating and partly because subconsciously I had to face my fear and heal myself. 

The first year I played safe, what if they rejected me, no longer trusted me as their Naturopathic Doctor, but the collective did the opposite.  They embraced me, appreciated the opportunity to be a part of something so raw and real- something I now call the Human Experience.  Their transformations and bravery made me braver and lean in a little more. 

The second time around I was challenged, facing my fears asking higher quality questions, going deeper, focussing on cultivating a connection that few experience in a lifetime.  They challenged me, giving me permission to stretch through the discomfort (much like the lobster when it has to break through its shell its outgrown).

The third time around, I have leaned all the way in.  I go to the places that were once unsafe for me to explore, I share the real things we all want to talk about and yet feel too afraid or it is simply too painful to go there. 

Because sisterhood was the medicine I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values.  It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible.

This is not meant to challenge you, or your narrative or incite fear I am sharing to present to you a different way to thriving health.

As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are seriously getting in the way of thriving health.  Negative self talk, sadness, hanging out with energy vampires. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

It is now an honour to share this space with other facitators who are also going to witness such beautiful transformations.

One where women get to stand in their light, gain clarity on purpose, take bold action in their life.  I truly hope every person is lucky enough to witness such humanity.

When I say sister you are home, I take that very seriously.

When I say reclaim your wild, I mean that wholeheartedly. ‘

When I say your tribe awaits you, I mean it. 

You deserve sisterhood that feels like soul food, you deserve a safe space to grow and thrive.

We have another Rebel Tribe starting very soon, join us for the info session, learn why this is the medicine you never knew you needed.

Thursday January 23rd 7-9pm @the_poppy_clinic community space.

Space is limited so LINK to SIGN-UP is HERE.

With love,


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