I must say this winter’s snowfall has been epic. A perfect winter day is one where the sun is reflecting of the white powder, soft flakes are falling and it’s a balmy +2oC. That’s ideal of course, and we haven’t been seeing much of that. And boy, has this winter has been tough on our skin: reminding us that it needs a little extra love and attention.

I thought it was a perfect time to revisit something we talked about back in December, when we were gearing up for 2014! Dry skin brushing! If you haven’t tried it yet, this dry, cold weather is the perfect reason to go grab yourself a natural bristle brush. You can read about the benefits in my previous post. Give your skin some love and show winter who’s boss.

In great health & happiness,

Dr. Michelle Peris


Dr. Michelle Peris is a Naturopathic Doctor whose goal is to inspire health through educating, motivating and empowering people.  She has a family based practice out of a clinic in Oakville, Ontario.

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