I often get asked what I feed my children and to my surprise when my son started school moms would seek me out for my recipes. So I decided I would create a special place on the DrMomND blog to share my kids’ meals with you: welcome Carter’s Lunch Box and Sadie’s Plate!

I love everything about food and take great joy in feeding my children fresh and wholesome meals. I enjoy spending an afternoon testing out new recipes and creating new ways to freshen up some of my favourites. I take special consideration with mealtime because what you feed your child impacts their growth, development, behaviour and energy levels. I also happen to love taking photos of their food, causing everyone a slight pause before digging in!

My daughter Sadie is now one year old. I really focused on baby lead weaning with her (blog post coming soon) – I absolutely loved this experience and I am quite certain that she wouldn’t have had it any other way. This was very different from the first time around with my puree loving son. 

So you will notice that there are no purees for her, all whole and finger foods that she feeds herself and it typically reflects what is on our plate as well – she likes to be treated exactly the same as everyone else. She loves to feed herself and really takes after her momma with her adoration of mealtime! 

Carter is now all grown up (okay he’s three) attending school and dragging his essential bento lunch box with him everyday. With Carter’s Lunch Box you can explore all the wholesome goodies that get packed on the daily. 

If my meals can help you feel like an empowered momma, then that is something I am interested in!

Meal ideas 


Meal #1- Organic free run eggs, edemame beans, green peas and blueberries 


Meal #2- Organic chicken dogs, grilled zucchini & asparagus and roasted potatoes 


Meal #3- Organic or local strawberries & raspberries, organic free range eggs and puffed kamut


Meal #4- Organic chicken, blueberries, raspberries and fresh figs  

Here’s to exploring and loving the food introduction process! 

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With love & food,